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[VGC] Bastiodon is Better Than Rampardos?! - with 0kamii
(Jun 10, 2017, 10:29 PM)0kamii Wrote: @RetroTyphlosion I enjoy the occasional go-round with defensive mons too. They're a lot of fun to use if you can get a wall set up. But every wall has their Achilles heel, and in the case of Bastiodon, it's Earthquake. But anyway, what do you think of écarlate's suggestion, Retro? How would you feel about good ol' 0kamii analyzing some of the more common VGC mons as opposed to the obscure ones?

- 0kamii

@0kamii I'm not sure what I think. These uncommon Pokémon write-ups are quite fun to read. However, a common Pokémon evaluation would be great, too, as much more people would read it. Personally, what I want (a d what I might end up doing myself), is seeing a common Pokémon used in an uncommon way, such as Physical Attacker Tapu Koko, and Special Attacker Porygon2 (something I specialize in  Wink ).
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Well, @RetroTyphlosion, if that's what you want to do, by all means go right ahead. The last thing I want is to steal the thunder from a fellow guild member. You make that write-up on a physical Tapu Koko and I'll read over it twice and indulge in the same amount of support you give me. Wink

- 0kamii

P.S. I'm still waiting for RetroTyphlosion's Top 10 Favorite Starters, and for Empoleon not to be on it so I can complain. Tongue
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