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[VGC] VGC '17 Metagame Megathread
So..yeah... SubSeed Celesteela.. that's it, the ultimate strategy, the fruit of years of training in teambuilding.

All thanks to this new timer system. I find frustrating to watch a stream where good players who actually decided to build a solid team composition have to struggle against those teams built around SubSeed Celesteela.. because in the end they come victorious anyway, but not without having to waste 10 turns to put themselves in a position to KO the opposing Celesteela.

Anyway i can't blame them for playing like this. They want to earn CP points and this is the cheapest tactic to achieve their goal, nothing to say about that.
Celesteela is surely the the most dominate Steel-type in the format, though feel people will eventually figure out how to beat or manage the end games carefully. SubSeed Celesteela is a frustrating mon to deal with most teams given its Steel/Flying typing and overall bulk. Most people will probably try to run some dedicated counters such as Fire-types Arcanine, Alolan Marowak, Torkoal, etc though other teams seems to have ways in dealing with them. We'd probably are going to see people run Sub themselves to block the Leech Seed and maybe consider using some disruption moves like Perish Song, Encore, Disable, etc. Certain at some point Celesteela usage will drop moderately though won't fade out with its rather interesting movepool.
This is one of the best TR setters ever!
[Image: mimikyu.png]

Mimikyu@Mental Herb
Ability: Disguise
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 SpD
IVs: 0 Spe
-Trick Room
-Shadow Sneak

Mimikyu is a great trick room setter thanks to it's ability Disguise. If you want to stop this thing from setting up trick room, you only have the option to double target it, even though a threatening trick room pokemon (torkoal) is sitting next to it. Trick Room is obvious because we're a TR setter, Taunt is for "scum" like celesteela (always outspeeds sub seed sets), shadow sneak is for dem dere revenge killz tjfRekt , and protect is almost nessesary. Stick this next to a torkoal and have a good time. Also, a fast explosion (scarf silvally, it's viable) pokemon would be great for Mimikyu, since few pokemon either outspeed or survive.

Credit to @Jamesspeed1 for recording the POWER OF OPPOSING MIMIKYU on YouTube.
Mimikyu has untapped potential in this format especially with the Disguise ability and the fact it has a pseudo Substitute and a sizable support options. Most of the sets I've seen lately have revolved around setting up Trick Room and using the Fairium Z to get strong hit against opposing mons, even notable Dragon-types. Wisp is a nice option to have to burn targets at bay and Taunt as you said can be used to shut down setup.

Found this on twitter awhile ago from Ander who usually does Smogon Usage Stats and now we have an idea on what's being used at the top. All you have to do is look for VGC is Gen7VGC2017beta and there should be some listings regarding the overall usage on showdown.
Its been awhile since I've late posted here and there's been some regionals (list down below) featuring some unique cores and Pokemon that are starting to establish themselves early on. What do anyone think about the rise of certain cores such as AFK ( Arcanine + Fini + Kartana ) given how we've seen some used on some top cut teams now.

Dallas Regionals

Leipzig Regionals

Georgia Regionals

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