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[VGC or SMOGON] Moveset Submission Sign-Ups, Request List, and Master List
To prepare for Sun and Moon, we are redoing the Moveset Submission Sign-Ups, Request List, and Master List.

When do I resubmit an existing build?

You may resubmit an existing moveset under any of the following conditions:
  • The metagame has evolved and a moveset has become outdated.
  • A moveset for a pre-evolution exists, but not a later or mega evolution (ex: Ampharos but not M-Ampharos or Chansey but not Blissey).
  • You have an alternative style to contribute (ex: a Physical Attack Salamence is posted and you'd like to contribute a Special Attack variant).
  • The moveset is old and does not follow the formatting guidelines that I outlined here with all the components required.
  • The author of the build has become unavailable for updates.
If you would like to contribute to a moveset that already exists, please consider contacting the author of the build, as seen in this M-Gardevoir thread, to update the thread. This ensures that all resources for a Pokemon are easily accessed in one place for the community.

How do I make a submission?

I'm so glad you asked. Please read this thread in its entirety before posting. If you have any questions after reading this post, please field them to @naitre at this time.

Reserved Movesets  
  • The above list includes movesets members have already claimed and are currently building. If you would like to sign up to complete a moveset, please post here. Specify which format the build is for (VGC, Smogon, or For Fun). In the event that you cannot complete a moveset as expected, just let us know.

Requested Movesets
  • None
The above list includes Pokemon that members of the community would like to see builds for. These are up for grabs by anyone and can be reserved. If you would like to request that a moveset be contributed, please post here.

Currently Existing Movesets

This is under construction at this time as we move outdated movesets to the new archive. Please check back later.

VGC: Analyses:
The Nurse Joy of #TeamForum.
I would like to make a moveset for 100% Zygarde. I made a pretty good stall build that could use some tweaks. It is for smogons OU tier.
@101239 added!
The Nurse Joy of #TeamForum.
Reserving Marshadow, Alolan Marowak and Alolan Muk.
I'd like to reserve Type: Null and Decidueye

Edit: Reserving Komala as well
I'm just here.

We'll be updating the moveset signups throughout this time so pm me or post what sets you'll work on.
I would like to make a Lurantis set, I mean nobody sees as a Contrary abuser on intimidates c: Angel
I'm gonna work on a Pelipper set. I think it's super big this season.
Saffari - BUG: Combee, Volbeat, Pinsir
TSVs - 3498 (Sun) - 3217 (Moon)

Hojunhu's Bizarre Bazaar
I wanna try something with Scizor, still figuring out the exact build I want to do though
If anyone want to help contribute in the VGC section, will be happy to tag along, and even assist in your writeups. Just keep in mind any sets we've already done or has been partially reviews on some threads if anyone wants to work on a writeup.

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