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[VGC or SMOGON] The World's Your Erster: Cloyster - Shell Smash
Hey guys,

Its been a while since I last wrote a competitive write-up, and I'm excited to be back!

I've mostly always played VGC. However, with the VGC metagame being rather poor right now, I've decided to try out singles instead. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoy it, and I've been having a ton of fun. Though I'm still shaping a team, I have the basics filled out, and I've encountered a Pokemon I really, really like using. It's not what you'd expect, and its certainly not orthodox, but it works well. 
[Image: cloyster.png]
Cloyster @ Focus Sash
Skill Link Ability
Jolly Nature
252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
-Shell Smash
-Icicle Spear
-Rock Blast
-Ice Shard

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set. It's my single favorite thing to use in singles. Let me explain how it works:
Skill Link is a pretty neat ability. It guarantees Multi-Strike moves (in this case, Icicle Spear and Rock Blast) to hit their maximum amount (in both of these cases, 5 times).
The Jolly nature is very useful. It increases Speed and decreases Special Attack, which this set doesn't use anyway. With 252 investment, Cloyster is a speedy Pokemon. 
Here's the real magic of this set: Shell Smash. This move, while decreasing Defense and Special Defense by one stage (note the Focus Sash), raises Speed, Special Attack, and Attack by two stages. With the Jolly nature, +2 speed boost, and maximum speed investment, I have yet to ever be outsped. Ever, by anything. Also, note the +2 boost in Attack. Remember how we said Icicle Spear and Rock Blast will hit at all five times because of Skill Link? Each hit, at 25 power each, basically amounts to a 125 power move. At +2. You outspeed and get knockouts.

Like I said, I really like this set.

No, its not perfect. Like any other Focus Sash Pokemon, Cloyster is weak to priority moves (which is where Ice Shard comes in. If you predict a priority move by your opponent, Ice Shard to hit it), and it struggles to KO Steel Types, though it can still drop an Aegislash in Shield Forme to half HP. But, other than that, it really is quite useful.

I have had great success with this Cloyster set, and it is a blast to use. Hope you like it!


P.S. I selected VGC or Smogon to show that this is a competitive set, as there is not a "Singles" option. I hate to ask these kinds of questions, but could we maybe add one? Thanks.
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