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[VIDEO] A VGC 2017 Competitive Guide For All Tapus

A Competitive Guide for all Tapus including an analysis of each, viable moves list, Partners, Checks/Counters, Damage Calculations and some sample sets.


Tapu Koko @ Leftovers 
Ability: Electric Surge 
Level: 50 
EVs: 164 HP / 180 SpD / 164 Spe 
Calm Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Thunderbolt 
- Reflect 
- Roost 
- Protect 

- Outspeeds Garchomp and Nihelgo.
- Survives Timid Non Boosted Nihelgo's Sludge Bomb 93.8% chance of the time.
- 2 Hit Knock Out with Thunderbolt in Electric Terrain against Max Hp 212 Sp Def Careful Celesteela after 2 Leftovers Recovery.

Watch more if you want to see this and more!
Epic share James!!! I heard the Tapus are really good right now!

Yo @Rogue, I just watched the first half of this vid and there's sooooo much info dude. Check it for sure!
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This video is great and crazy informative! Anyone who plans on playing VGC this year definitely needs to watch this. Thanks for the video!
50 thousand people used to live here...Now it's a ghost town.
Thanks for the vid!

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