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Value in Trades - What's Your Pokemon Worth?
With Sun and Moon's impending launch, we foresee a huge influx in trades and less emphasis on giveaways due to the probable loss of editing devices for a period of time. To remind everyone of how trading value works, let's have a quick little recap!

Some factors that affect a Pokemon's value:
  • Nature - Pokemon with positive natures are worth more than those with neutral natures. If a Pokemon has the ideal nature for its competitive build, it is considered valuable.
  • IVs - the more IVs a Pokemon has, the more valuable it is. 4+ IVs are considered optimal, with 5-6 being the best.
  • Ability - if a Pokemon has its desired competitive ability, it's worth more. Further, HA females are considered incredibly high value because of their capability of passing down the ability.
  • Pokeball - the ball the Pokemon has been caught in has value to some players. Some trainers seek out alternative balls to the typical Pokeball or Master Ball for aesthetic purposes. Apricorn balls and Dream balls in particular have high value, but note that not all Pokemon can be found in these balls.
  • Availability - the more rare a Pokemon is, the more value it tends to have. Typically, breedjects and legendaries are worth more than Pokemon you can commonly catch in the wild. Event Pokemon, of course, tend to carry the highest value.
  • Battle Readiness - Pokemon that have been prepared for battle (proper nature, level, ability, IVs, held item, moveset, and completed EV training) are typically of high value.
  • Breedjects - these Pokemon typically can net you higher value trades because they often have more IVs than most, proper abilities or natures, and egg moves. It saves breeders time, and as they say...time is of the essence.
  • Generation - the older a Pokemon is, the more sought after it may be. Events from previous generations or Pokemon with generation-exclusive moves are typically harder to find and worth more.
  • "Cleanliness" - some players want Pokemon that are considered "untouched," meaning they haven't been used in battle, have no EVs, haven't had TMs/HMs applied to them, etc. They've simply been obtained and deposited right into the box and haven't been handled in any way.
  • Shininess - in general, shiny Pokemon are more desirable than non-shiny, as a huge portion of the community collects shinies.
  • Legitimacy - some players don't want hacked or edited Pokemon. If you're able to prove indefinitely that you obtained it by legitimate means, it's considered much more valuable than a Pokemon with a questionable history.

When trading, try to be logical about the decision. Would you agree to the trade you're proposing? Sorry to say, but no one is going to give up their shiny Legendary in return for the random IV, neutral nature, level 100 starter with random EVs you obtained while completing the game's story. Also, be aware that a Pokemon being shiny isn't everything. What value does a 2 IV, poor nature, poor ability shiny really have to make it worthy of an Event Pokemon in return?

Try to have fun and be reasonable. Happy trading! Heart
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