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anyone know the problem?
so i recently found my old copy of pokemon white 2. when i put it in my 2ds, nothing happened. i cleaned the pins but still nothing. i then tried a pratically new copy of new super mario bros. but still nothing happened. i then tried out pokemon ultra sun and kirby TD, both of which worked. i also tested out new super mario bros on my friend's DS, and it worked, thus showing that my 2ds cant handle DS games. does anyone know any way to fix this?
never mind, i fixed it
@Cubivor I know you said you fixed it, but I've had a similar problem with my 3DS. I put in Game Cards and they don't load. One solution I've found is only putting in Game Cards when the system is totally turned off. I just can't change cards while the system is on.
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i think everyone has seen them not work sometimes

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