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shiny pokemon im currently looking for part 5
i dont care if they're hacked or legit
im currently looking for shiny goomy, shiny bounsweet, shiny cubone, and shiny cutiefly

willing to breed any pokemon of your choice in return along with your choice of egg moves and nature

thank you very much
Please don't bump
I’m back!
ah okay sorry
Just don't bump request threads
I’m back!
@CellyBean i can try to get you shiny cubone x3
any specific ivs, nature or gender?
in case you dont notice, im from the Feebas GA x3
@FrozT hi, yeah thank you for the shiny feebas and shiny milotic!!! and no the cubone doesnt need anything specific i just would like it to be shiny Smile
@CellyBean okay. im on it ^^
@FrozT thank you so much!!!

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