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trading event spreadsheet, looking for events!
hey all, it's been awhile since i've made a trade topic here and i'm not sure how active it is. i've recently gotten back into event trading and i'm trying to expand my collection!
i'm looking for a TON (gen 3-7), but most notably;
  • any of the gen 3 Six Campaign event mons (excluding Shuckle)
  • any of the gen 3 Wish egg mons (excluding Bagon & Absol)
  • any of the gen 3 10 ANIV mons (excluding Absol)
  • legit shiny Pokemon Ranger Manaphy lv 1 ; f it has the OT: ASH that's even better
  • PCNY Gardevoir
  • PCNY Tropius
  • legit shiny Channel Jirachi
  • Sly Zoroark
  • Golgo's Sableye
  • any of the gen 7 event eggs unhatched, different langs
  • 06153 Hurricane Mewtwo
  • gen 7 moon & ultra moon Heatran (codes if they haven't expired)
  • gen 7 sun & ultra sun Regigigas (codes if they haven't expired)
  • gen 6 and gen 7 boss distribution pokemon
  • winter2013 Scizor
  • Present Samurott
  • SPR2012 Zekrom (and SPR2012 Reshiram untouched)
  • unused NA shiny zygarde code
and many more. i prefer events that have had their redemption proofed / have had their legitimacy checked ! (and i'm not a fan of WC proofs) they must be completely untouched
i can offer:
  • events from my spreadsheet (unless marked NFT)
  • cloning services (for our trade too)
  • editing services - note; there are some things i'm unable to change
thanks for reading!

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