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I Want Your Butterflies! - TheAlmightySancho - May 18, 2017

Hello and thank you for looking at this request Smile

This is for S/M
I'm currently on a quest to obtain all 20 Vivillon patterns. It's going to take some time, so I'd like to ask all you people if anyone can help speed up the process. Now, without further ado, the list:

* Archipelago - N
* Continental - Y
* Elegant - Y
* Garden - Y
* High Plains - N
* Icy Snow - N
* Jungle - N
* Marine- N
* Meadow - N
* Modern - Y
* Monsoon - Y
* Ocean - N
* Polar - Y
* River - N
* Sandstorm - N
* Savanna - N
* Sun - N
* Tundra - N
* Poke Ball - Y
* Fancy - Y

If anybody can offer any that I don't have, I've really just got breedjects since Vivillons aren't too difficult to breed if you're adventurous. Still, ask for anything and I can probably get a fairly good breedject, or else I have Zoruas on hand.

Since I'd prefer to link trade, I'll put this info up:
IGN: Sancho

RE: I Want Your Butterflies! - wartty - May 18, 2017

Hoping you find someone with some clones... :] I've got the Continental pattern but you've got that covered haha which pattern in yours?

RE: I Want Your Butterflies! - TheAlmightySancho - May 18, 2017


I have the garden pattern, which seems to be less common than the elegant one but still pretty common.