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Mew - hmspepper - Aug 11, 2017

So the one pokemon I have always always wanted, and never owned.. is a Mew. I've been playing pokemon since original Red.. but I live in the USA and there have not been very many events for Mew here. I have many pokemon available including shinys and legendaries. I will accept any Mew so long as she is a real Mew, not hacked. If you have one to trade, please post here and tell me what you are looking for most. I can list what I have then. I will check this thread a few times a day. Thanks ahead of time!

Edit: On hacked Mew, I accept trades for the virtual console Red or Blue version Mew using in-game hacks (since you don't need a cheat device to do it and it was always available in the old games). The virtual console hacked Mew is considered a real Mew by GTS/game so its okay with me.

RE: Mew - RetroTyphlosion - Aug 11, 2017

@hmspepper I am not trying to be rude or anything, but.....

You probably aren't going to get a legit Mew. Like you said, it's super rare, and even if someone had a legit one, they most likely wouldn't trade it. If you want a Mew, you are going  to have to settle for a genned one, which, in all honesty, isn't a big deal. Nintendo will not ban you or anything. They honestly don't care if you have genned Pokémon.

I hate to burst people's bubbles, and once again, I'm not trying to be rude, but that's just how these work. There's a legendary Pokémon giveaway going on right now that has Mews. I suggest you look at it.

And, still not trying to be rude, but the Mew in Blue/Red isn't hacked, it's just glitched.

Have a great day Big Grin

RE: Mew - peplu - Aug 12, 2017

Hi, hmspepper.

I have a Mew I can trade.
It's in my Black 2 game and I can transfer it to XY/ORAS or SunMoon.
This Mew was obtained by myself in the 2010 wifi event. European (OT: OTO2010), Level 5, untouched, and comes with the event ribbon (Premier Ribbon).
I can take a picture if you want.

I bought Pokémon Y, RO and Sun and started collecting gen6-7 only events a month ago, so if you have a missing event in my collection we could trade.

You can see what events I already have in this table.
I can trade my Mew for one mythical/legendary or two non legendaries.

If you are interested, my friend code is 3068-0109-9710 IGN: peplu.


PD: Sorry if my english is too rushed, I'm not a native english speaker.

RE: Mew - RetroTyphlosion - Aug 12, 2017

@hmspepper Looks like I was wrong! Hope you and @"piplu" have a successful trade! Big Grin