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Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - stephenWITNESS - Sep 2, 2017

Welcome to the week 1 of The Shiny Showdown. The First matchup we have is between easily 2 of the best shinies around!

[Image: 250.png]
Ho-oh the Rainbow Pokemon (nominated by @"Anabel")


[Image: 376.png]
Metagoross the iron leg Pokemon (nominated by @Aqua The Sightseeing Feminist)

This is going to be a tough match up as both of these shinies are fan favourites. I imagine this will go down to the wire as I'm going to have a hard time picking between the two. Vote carefully and may the best shiny win!

Win a Shiny Ho-oh or Metagross!
To be in for a chance to win a BR shiny Ho-oh or Metagross, after you vote, leave a reply to this thread with which shiny is better and why you think it is. I will pick the winner next Friday and they will be announced in Week 2 of The Shiny Showdown!

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RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - Reis - Sep 2, 2017

IMO I think Ho-oh is better simply because of it's rarity.
1 event Ho-oh is given out shiny
3 beldums/lines were given out

Sure, Beldum has a CR of 3, but so does Ho-oh, but you get 1 ho oh per game, while you can get as many as you want in S/M and maybe older games, I have not checked yet.

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - Chansey - Sep 2, 2017

HO-OH IS BETTER.  She's a lovely golden phoenix (her name,  "Houou," literally means "phoenix") and the golden aura makes her even more beautiful.  In Chinese culture,  dragons (which are associated with the element of water) and phoenixes are auspicious symbols which together respectively represent man and woman joined in marriage, so Lugia and Ho-oh represent a fortunate marriage- isn't that cute?  Their shiny forms are both cute, too, with the golden Ho-oh glimmering like the sunrise or flickering flames.

 She's also really important to the original anime  series, being the first legendary Ash/Satoshi sees on his journey in the first episodes- and the one he sees is shiny!  To be fair Ho-oh is a beautifully-designed Pokémon and even if her shiny form was like snot-green she would still be beautiful,  but the gold- which harkens to the golden statues adorning traditional building eaves- is really a magnificent choice for her.

Ho-oh is a highly versatile pokemon capable of learning practically any move type but water and ice (Lugia can handle those!) and is one of my favorites and is much nicer than the shiny mega death-crab my sister always uses to beat me down with. Sad  HOOH FTW.

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - PerchPond - Sep 2, 2017

I think Ho-Oh is the better shiny due to it being more thematically approriate, it being a Phoenix and a Fire-type. It's shiny form adds elements of grey/silver to it, to tie in with the concept of the Phoenix being reborn from its own ashes (hence the grey colour). And its fire-type reflects the flames in which the Phoenix combusts as it dies and is reborn. While Metagross goes from being blue-ish to silver and gold, which are metals surely, but then again, why is it blue to start with? So Ho-Oh it is.


RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - wartty - Sep 2, 2017

Yeh what @Chansey said :p @stephenWITNESS love how you picked two who are kinda comparable, both being silver and gold. The argument for metagross could be made that his shiny is the colors of actual metal but I kinda think normal metagross looks better then the shiny version... xP

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - LuxrayLogan - Sep 2, 2017

I had to go with Metagross.  I know that it was given out a bunch as events but I have a soft spot for Metagross because it was a last minute edition to my first Pokemon game I finished which was White 2 and even though mine wasn't shiny I think the colors are very nice, it also totally destroyed the Pokemon League.  So my vote goes to Metagross.

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - TheAlmightySancho - Sep 2, 2017

Ho-Oh has always been a favourite shiny legendary of mine. The colours are relevant to the theme and made it look more toasty.

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - TimeTwist - Sep 2, 2017

You know, i think Ho Oh has a better color pallete for a pheonix. If you want a shiny pheonix, go to Ho Oh! Shiny Ho Oh has a contrubution for the second generation game Gold and its remake, Heart Gold. Shiny Ho Oh is alot better than Metagross. It was close, but Ho Oh took the cake! or is it pie?

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - 0kamii - Sep 2, 2017

LittleFox is going to hate me for this, but I think Ho-Oh is better. The gold is really reminescent of the Imperial Chinese Fenghuang, and it just makes so much more sense for its design. Sure, the metallic silver looks great on Metagross, but in my opinion, it's not nearly as fitting as the golden color on Ho-Oh.

I vote Ho-Oh, no question.

- 0kamii

RE: Shiny Showdown Week 1: Ho-oh vs Metagross - Kris - Sep 2, 2017

Go go Ho-oh