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[Gen VII] The Breedject Corner - Help with movesets and you can get free BR Pokémon! - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 2, 2017

Breedject Corner

(Help wanted, see post below for details)
[Image: hatched.jpg]
In the biggest stock update this shop has ever seen I have managed to add a little over 100 new listings of Pokémon for all of the breeders out there to look through. These are far from perfect as some have the wrong nature or may be missing egg moves you want but I am dedicated to improve these new listings over the following few weeks to give everyone the best selection of breeding projects possible!!

Remember To Keep An Eye Out For The Current Rotation Giveaway For Free Breedjects 
(See Below For Details And The Current List)
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the forums. This is a space where you can browse through and trade for the many Breedjects I have collected and prepared for your convenience. (more will be added in the near future) Whether you are highly experienced, or new to breeding, I aim to provide Pokémon that will speed up the breeding process. Giving members of this forum many good base Pokémon to breed from; especially for those of you who do not have a good ditto to work with.
In return for this service, I ask for a fair and agreed upon exchange allowing me to further build my collections and expand the thread into a small haven for breeders. Usually I will take trades of equal value, swapping Breedjects, however for the rarer balls or competitive IV and 6IV baby's I would like to see slightly more than a single non-competitive breedject. Remember that the prices are not fixed and  you are free to make any offers that you feel are fair. For example, I don't expect to receive rarities such as a shiny Pokémon but if you want to offer one for a larger batch of Breedjects I would be more than happy to negotiate.
Link To my stock of breedjects:
General things I am looking for in trades:

For Normal 5IV Breedjects
  • Other Breedjects (5IV's preferable)  to further build the ever expanding collection
  • Egg move Pokémon that I do not currently possess
  • Rare candies
  • help with a few movesets
For Rare/Apricorn Ball or competitive Breedjects
  • Any rare/apricorn ball Pokémon that are not currently available
  • Battle ready competitive Pokémon
  • Competitive Breedjects
  • Help with more movesets

Current Free Pokémon - Choose up to 2 per person
(Limit is dependant on demand)

 [Image: 250px-349Feebas.png][Image: 250px-712Bergmite.png][Image: 250px-056Mankey.png][Image: 250px-659Bunnelby.png][Image: 250px-358Chimecho.png][Image: 250px-415Combee.png]
More Info on free Pokémon:
Additional Notes:

All of the Pokémon available will be bred by me personally or my Brother with none of them being cloned or altered in any way, in case that I have missed something impossible in my list, such as a Heavy ball Beldum, please inform me so I can remove it immediately.

If you really want something that is out of stock, feel free to request it but remember but it will still need to be bred first so be patient.

Anybody who still had Breedjects to receive from the thread before, I still have them in reserve so feel free to come and claim them whenever we are both available as they are still waiting for collection.

in addition if there is something you would like me to try and add to the shop feel free to make a suggestion but in some instances where I don't have a base Pokémon myself ( E.g I am missing the hidden ability needed) I would need a Pokémon to breed from. This service will cost more than the normal price of 1 paid and 1 recieved for the breedjects usually meaning I will request 2 or more breedjects depending on how long it would take for me to add it to the shop.

If you have read this far then I shall show this off for anyone interested: Hidden gem of the currenly available stock: Female Salandit with the correct 5IV's ready for competitive, love ball, timid, corrosion (with knock off, poison gas, fake out and scratch)

The free Pokémon I offer are on on a first come-first served basis, These Pokémon will always be on rotation (mainly weekly, if they run out I will change early) and will sometimes include rare balls or competitive IV Pokémon so be sure to check back every now and then if you don't want to miss out!

PS. I know Vibrava isn't a 'baby' Pokémon

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 2, 2017

Help Wanted

I have a list of 100 Pokémon babies that generally have egg moves that I want to breed and train to improve the shop and my collection of battle ready Pokémon. (I will work on some of these) 

I am looking for anyone who is willing to create or find new movesets for these Pokémon in moon/ultra moon (Gimmicky or otherwise) that are not default smogon sets. (preferably Sets that use most of the egg moves that are already present)

In return I am offering to breed these movesets for you and depending on how many people want to help (and the amount of help you provide) I will be breeding some of these sets and making them battle ready for a big giveaway. Making sure that you get a finished version of at least 1 Pokémon you suggested used in this giveaway as well as those you would get normally from the giveaway!

If your movesets are not used currently in the giveaway, don't worry! I will take this into account and ensure that you will recieve compensation, be it a few free from the shop or bred 5IV Pokémon for these movesets

If you want to help feel free to drop a message either privately or in the shop

To see the list click here

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - TheAlmightySancho - Nov 2, 2017

Hmm...interesting. How's your art going, by the way?

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 2, 2017


the art is going fine, I didn't get a chance to do much last night since I was out all day and really tired when I got back. I am working on Kris's and then I need to try do a darmanitan since I promised to do those 2 when I have time. Hopefully at least Kris's will be done today depending on how much work I can get done.

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - TheAlmightySancho - Nov 2, 2017

Well, good luck. I dropped art and never looked back. Computer science is my life most of the time.

Although, I have critically acclaimed stickmen so I can't be all bad.

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 3, 2017

A few new breedjects and plans to add at least 10 more between tonight and tomorrow

         Normal:                                         Competitive: 
  • Croagunk                                Dream ball Swablu                 
  • Pyukumuku                            Beldum
  • Shuppet                                  Protean Froakie
  • Gastly                                      • Moon ball Houndour
  • Togepi                                      Horsea
  • Meditite                                   Love Ball sturdy Togedemaru
  • Baltoy

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - The Flying Scotsman - Nov 3, 2017

@Tenebris_Kane Two things. First off, I don't have a breeding ditto, but i have a couple breedjects I got off wondertrade. I could give you a 5iv beldum (fantastic in Hp and 5 everything else is six) for one of those magby. Also, for the front image, vibrava isn't a baby pokemon if that was the vibe you were going for

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 3, 2017

@The Flying Scotsman 

There are Magby's in the free section this week so you can have one on the house, Also, since you are my first customer how about I try chain you a decent ditto tomorrow, you can collect it anytime when I have caught one (It would probably be 4 IV's that I catch mostly) I will try to synchronize a nature if you want   Big Grin

Vibrava was there just since I needed something to fill the space at the front and I was running out of trading cards that were in the right style for the image I wasn't sure if people would notice  Tongue

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - The Flying Scotsman - Nov 3, 2017

Oh thanks! I'm gonna hop online. I added your FC before i believe

RE: [Sun/Moon Only] The Breedject Corner - The Flying Scotsman - Nov 3, 2017

thanks Smile