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Vivillon Collectors Shop! - 0kamii - Nov 26, 2017

[Image: Vivillon_Patterns_2-Pokemon-X-and-Y.jpg]
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and I noticed that PokémonForever doesn't have a thread specifically for trading all the Vivillon patterns!

With the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Vivillon has been brought back into the games as an Island Scan pokémon. This gives many collectors, both experienced and amateur, the chance to get their hands on all 18 non-event Vivillon patterns for the first time since the release of X & Y. This very much excites me, as I only have nine currently, and I've wanted all 18, and eventually all 20. But in the meantime, I thought I'd post a little traffic post so that if anyone wanted to trade Vivillon individually, they can do it in the thread below. Below you'll also find a map of all the real-world regions where you'll find the Vivillon patterns, and since we have a rather mixed group of people using the site, finding a diverse number of patterns to trade shouldn't be a problem.
[Image: tROqHEg.png]
Link to the full-sized version of this map, if you can't see which pattern you have, can be found right here. Remember to keep all trades professional and speedy, and don't forget to give reps to all users with which you've had good experiences. And lastly, if any of you are wondering which pattern I have to trade:
 Polar Pattern
[Image: 2815579-6280592587-Vivil.png]
When I first got my DS, I lived in an area with the Polar pattern, and though my location has since changed, my DS still thinks I live up north. Therefore, if any of you need a Polar Pattern Vivillon, I can trade you one. I'll also include a list of all the Vivillon patterns I need. I expect all of you to format your posts in a similar way.

Vivillon Patterns (Y = I have one. / N = I need one.)

Archipelago Pattern: N
Continental Pattern: N
Elegant Pattern: Y
Garden Pattern: Y
High Plains: Y
Icy Snow Pattern: Y
Jungle Pattern: N
Marine Pattern: Y
Meadow Pattern: N
Modern Pattern: Y
Monsoon Pattern: N
Ocean Pattern: N
Polar Pattern: Y
River Pattern: N
Sandstorm Pattern: N
Savanna Pattern: N
Sun Pattern: N
Tundra Pattern: N
Fancy Pattern: Y
Poké Ball Pattern: Y

That's all for this post. I hope this thread can help everyone to utilize their newly acquired Island Scan mons for some awesome and exciting Vivillon patterns! Like usual, keep it all rated G, and report any scammers that try to con users out of tradable mons. Best luck with the collection, everyone! And have fun!

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - Tenebris_Kane - Nov 27, 2017


This sounds like a good idea it would be great to collect them, I haven't got one yet in ultra moon but I am in the UK so it looks like I can get you a garden Vivilion for the collection

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - 0kamii - Nov 27, 2017


That'd be amazing of you, TK! And I'll be sure to put a Polar Pattern butterfly off to the side for you in exchange.

- 0kamii

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - TheAlmightySancho - Nov 27, 2017

Really, 0kamii? I made a thread like this ages ago but since nobody bothered posting there it died horribly.

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - 0kamii - Nov 27, 2017


I believe your post was specifically for collecting Vivillon patterns for yourself. This is a thread where anyone can request Vivillon patterns for all their collections. It's a little different, but I'm sure you're still closer to collecting all 20 than I ever will be.

Nice to see you stop by, though!Big Grin

- 0kamii

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - Kookiemuker - Nov 27, 2017

I know this is a long shot considering it's from Taiwan but I have always wanted a timid monsoon pattern Vivillon. Doesn't have to be 5 or 6 IV, I will hypertrain it lol. I have some events and competitive legendaries I could trade.

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - Kris - Nov 27, 2017

What is this, "Vivilon"? Is that a Digimon? Kappa

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - 0kamii - Nov 27, 2017


I know I certainly don't have a Monsoon pattern Vivillon, but I'll be sure to browse the GTS, and you should too! Would you happen to have any spares of the patterns I don't have? I can give you a Polar pattern if you're collecting them all?


Yes, the rarest one of all. So rare in fact that the creators disguised it as a pseudo-demon with the number 666 to fend off unworthy trainers.

- 0kamii

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - Umbreon9004 - Dec 7, 2017

i am in possesion of a high plains vivillon that id be willing to part with actually

RE: Vivillon Collectors Shop! - 0kamii - Dec 7, 2017


Oh, is that the pattern native to your region? If so, I'd suggest breeding a few more so you can trade them out to other collectors using this thread. If not, then if there's no other takers, I'd be glad to trade for it. My stock is pretty vast, so what would you want?

- 0kamii

P.S. I won't trade Shinies, that's not an equivalent trade. Undecided