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Galactic pokemon championship needs coaches for first season - Wesleymon1 - Feb 12, 2018

Hello to all! This is the administrator for the Galactic Pokemon Championship League looking for coaches for the first ever season of the Premier league. We are currently looking for a maximum of 16 coaches to participate. The compitition will be GBA style with the 5 Tier snake draft system. The draft time will be disclosed after 16 coaches are found. Any person willing to participate can click the link to look at our tier list and some team logos that you may choose from. Dont like our logos or team names? You can email us your own to be used at gpcleague@gmail.com!
Here is our tier list/template teams:
If you would like to sign up, you will need to email the following information to gpcleague@gmail.com
-Name (or what you would like to be known by)
-Smogon Username
-The unoccupied team you have selected (or custom team name and logo)
-The Division you would like to participate in

Battles will most likely be on 3ds. With ultra sun and ultra moon games. However games can be played on smogon pokemon showdown. Depending on what the most popular way to play by the coaches.

Please check your email at least daily for update information, dates, battle schedule, and other news. I look forward to seeing you all!
NOTE- TIer lists and league rules are NOT final. Many pokemon will be looked into and voted upon when all coach slots are filled.