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Just for breeding - PatrickRodz - Mar 6, 2018

Hi my name is Patrick I am looking for starter pokemon from any generation if you are willing to give me 1 I am looking for
-Feniken(Cant Spell so bear with me)
Please and Thankyou 


RE: Just for breeding - Black Waterfall - Mar 6, 2018

@PatrickRodz Nice to hear that you are interested in breeding those mons!

For the Fire-type starters maybe my Fire-type Breedject Center giveaway can be of some help. I'm hoping that one day this thread can become the canonical source in the forums for people who want to breed Fire-type Pokemon with hidden abilities, egg moves, rare balls and so on.

You are more than welcome to make as much requests as you need!  Smile

RE: Just for breeding - Hojunhu - Mar 8, 2018

I think I could breed Protean Froakie. What do you have for trades?