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Weekly music thread! pt 2 - yung lord - Apr 9, 2018

yuh we still weekly heck to the y e a h

Welcome to the weekly music thread where I will be discussing songs, albums or artists I've been listening to this week, and also potentially new releases in different genres! Let's get straight into it!

New releases!

Alright I'll be honest; I just listened to Cardi B's new album Invasion of Privacy (explicit) once and this review will be really bad because of that. It was alright. Beats were pretty cool and not too repetitive, she used some flows a couple times but it wasn't that bad. She had good energy throughout the project. The song with Migos was garbage. The one with YG too. The Chance the Rapper feature was cool, the SZA one too. Intro track was cool. It was alright, don't see myself coming back to it because it wasn't really outstanding or anything but there were some cool songs and i would say it wasn't that bad of a debut album. Sorry again for the bad review.

Famous Dex
is one of the few "mumble rappers"/trap rappers I usually enjoy because he has a crazy voice and a unique style, but Dex Meets Dexter (explicit) was very disappointing. To make it short and sweet, on one half of the album, he's basically using the same flow on all the more "rap" songs, while on the other half, he does that rapping/singing with autotune stuff, and while it's not necessarily bad, I just think he's not especially good at it and that guys like Young Thug and Travis Scott are much better at it, so if I felt like listening to that kind of music I'd rather listen to their stuff. A lot of tracks also felt pretty lazy and felt like filler. Pick It Up was a very good track though, beat is really nice and I love A$AP Rocky, so that's the favourite.

Now the real gem that dropped this week was Isolation, the new Kali Uchis album (one song is explicit and theres another one thats explicit in spanish so there's that). I already loved Kali Uchis because of her apparitions on projects like Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy from Tyler, the Creator, Freudian from Daniel Caesar and the new Gorillaz album, and because of her project Por Vida. However, Por Vida was pretty short and left me wanting more, and boy was I satisfied with her following album; the features were all amazing to me (especially Steve Lacy and Tyler, the Creator!) and the songs all felt different and fresh. For example, one the intro track Body Language has a lot of bossa nova influences, while tracks like songs like Feel Like A Fool are more poppy. While all the songs are very different, the album still feels really cohesive, and no song really feels like filler. The production on this album was also great; I was very surprised to see production from Romil Hemnani from BROCKHAMPTON on Just A Stranger and from Kevin Parker of Tame Impala on Tomorrow (a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!). The length of the project also was very nice; I feel like between 12 and 15 is a really good number of songs (kind of a dumb point probably but this is important to me for some reason). Her voice is also amazing (pretty straight to the point but I don't have much else to say about that im not a professional dont bully me ok). Overall, I heavily recommend this project to anyone; I feel that between the album has something to offer for everyone, whether you like more poppy, fast-paced songs like Dead To Me and Your Teeth In My Neck or slow ballads like Flight 22. Favourite songs would be Just A Stranger, Flight 22 and After The Storm.

What did you think of the new stuff? Let me know!

Stuff I've been listening to!

Kali Uchis- Isolation

read above i'm not writing this twice >;(((

im really tired and i was pretty much listening to that album the whole week i'll try to think of something else later maybe sorry for the shorter post. at least the thread was actually weekly for once

Finally, what did you guys listen to this week? I'm very excited to read your replies Smile

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - Reis - Apr 9, 2018

Not sure if this counts, but I love both Dark Wastes by a whole bunch of people according to the description, but the song is from Fire Emblem Conquest. I love the medieval feel it gives off, and the entire soundtrack has a very European theme to it. The intro is very sudden, and given the chapter it plays (aka hell, but the fun kind), makes it even better. Holding down an area while under heavy assault, while the music makes you determined to win, despite the circumstances.
It also goes without saying but Fates has one of the best soundtracks (story not so much)

The other song I love is Congregation of Ambition in Path of Radiance. The use of brass instruments and fp < f  at the beginning really pumps me up for the last chapters of the game. I love how the intro sounds really messy with a lot going on, before it all joins together. Watching all your units turn into absolute monsters while facing the final boss (who also happens to be a monster in it's own sense), knowing that it's now or never makes it all the better.

not sure if this has to be "radio" music but thought I would give it a stab

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - Kris - Apr 9, 2018

hi im a dad.

Go listen to this song

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - AverageJoe - Apr 9, 2018

@Kris disappointingly enough I know that song...

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - yung lord - Apr 9, 2018

(Apr 9, 2018, 07:13 PM)Kris Wrote: hi im a dad.

Go listen to this song

my guy

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - RetroTyphlosion - Apr 9, 2018

(Apr 9, 2018, 07:13 PM)Kris Wrote: hi im a dad.

Go listen to this song

@Kris You're a dad? Good for you!

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - Kris - Apr 9, 2018


Yep, my girl and I found out today, hoping for a boy but I'm just happy either way!

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - yung lord - Apr 9, 2018

(Apr 9, 2018, 09:00 PM)Kris Wrote: @RetroTyphlosion

Yep, my girl and I found out today, hoping for a boy but I'm just happy either way!

weekly music thread

more like

weekly FEELINGS thread Blush Dodgy Idea Wink Rolleyes tjfRekt At Tongue Smile Huh Angry Heart Undecided Big Grin Sad Shy Cool Sleepy Exclamation Angel

happy for u

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - TheAlmightySancho - Apr 10, 2018

I've just been spamming the album Revolver by the Beatles.

Yeah I'm too kool for you cids...

RE: Weekly music thread! pt 2 - Black Waterfall - Apr 11, 2018

@Kris Congrats! Wish you two all the best!  SmileBig GrinWink