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Tarrn's Battle Challenge - ToxicTarrn - Apr 14, 2018

Hello everyone! It's... me! *awkward confetti*

I came up with a simple but somewhat difficult battle challenge for two players. It works best on Pokemon Showdown.
The rules are:
-Both players may only use one Pokemon.
-Both players must use the same Pokemon species. It doesn't matter what Pokemon it is,
-Neither player may have moves on their Pokemon that are supereffective on itself.

The way the game goes is that there are an odd number of rounds, generally 3 or 5. Each round must switch the Pokemon being used. Whoever picks what Pokemon is up to the players, but my friend and I prefer to just switch each round, or use a random number generator. Then, we both create a moveset and pit them against each other. Whoever wins gets a point. Whoever has the most points in the end wins.

Literally any Pokemon can be used, which can make for some interesting (and/or hilarious) battles. For example:
-White Kyurem (me) vs Black Kyurem (my friend): My friend decided not to give Black Kyurem any attacking moves. Which would have been fine, if I hadn't given White Kyurem Substitute.  She had also given Black Kyurem Leftovers and Roost. I managed to burn it. It was a long, boring battle.

-Magikarp vs Magikarp: Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.  Bounce. Bounce. BOUNCE. BOUNCE. BOUNCE.

-Braixen vs Braixen: We both had identical movesets. It was hilarious. For about three seconds.

Let me know what you think of it! Tell me about if you tried it! How'd it go?
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for reading!

RE: Tarrn's Battle Challenge - RetroTyphlosion - Apr 16, 2018

Ayyy! Tarrn! You back!

I'll do this with you on Showdown...