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Meet & Greet Thumbnail Submission Thread! - The_Flaine - Apr 19, 2018

[Image: 3tHDt9n.jpg]

Just kidding, you all know what this is: the psuedo-official Meet & Greet Thumbnail Submission Thread! (Provided my @0kamii and Your's Truly). 

Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone involved in the April 2018 Meet & Greet for accepting and appreciating the artwork I have provided as the thumbnail. I admit I could have and probably should have done better, but all the same I am very grateful. 

The way this works is very simple: members of PokémonForever post their own specially made artwork onto this thread with the intention of becoming future Meet & Greet thumbnails and banners, and then the Admins of this website choose whatever artwork they feel would work best for that month's Meet & Greet (while crediting the artist of course). 

The rules, too, are very simple, as well as few and far between: 
--The artwork must include Pokemon and/or Pokeballs or other Pokemon paraphinelia. 
--The artwork must clearly represent the intended month's Meet and Greet theme in one way or another. 
--The artwork must be kid friendly; this is PokemonForever, not e621.
-- Be sure to caption the image with the intended month.

So, let us see how this goes, PokémonForever. Post whatever art you can make for future Meet & Greets here, and if you like feel free to make any suggestions that would help make this thread idea even better for everyone. We look forward to seeing what creativity springs forth.