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Kayne's Breeject Farm! Current Stock: Froakie! - Newdll - May 7, 2018

Hello everybody, Kayne here! I am trying to become a better breeder by learning new tips and tricks, but that means a lot of trial and error.. And you know what that breeds? (See what I did there?) BREEJECTS! I will be updating this constantly, and for now, all of them are in Gen 6. (I have Y) I will be doing either GTS or adding Friend Codes (My Friend Safari is Electric and includes Emolga, Electabuzz, and Zebstrika). This is my first giveaway, in all honesty!

Current Pokemon Accepted: Skitty (Can Be Found On Route 4 In X and Y, and on Route 16 in ORAS. You can also trade a Spinda in Fortree City in ORAS!)

Wondertrade Prompt:
Wanted Pokemon:
Level: 1
Pokemon Listed:

I will try to get to you ASAP!

Please Request One At A Time.

Froakie Speadsheet Here

(Check out my new giveaway here!)

RE: Kayne's Breeject Farm! - 0kamii - May 7, 2018


Might want to specify in the title there that all you currently have in stock are Froakie. Otherwise people might click on the farm and get disappointed.

- 0kamii

RE: Kayne's Breeject Farm! - Black Waterfall - May 7, 2018

@Newdll Another suggestion: if you would like to organize your breedjects in a spreadsheet in the future, you might want to check out our Spreadsheets for Breeding guide on the subject! Smile

RE: Kayne's Breeject Farm! Current Stock: Froakie! - Newdll - May 8, 2018

@Black Waterfall

Thank you! I have tried to update it to my best ability! Big Grin