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An update on our friend Larry - Kris - Jul 3, 2018

This message comes from one of Larry's friends who isn't on the forums, but wished to give her piece on the situation.
[Image: 658Greninja.png]

Hello, my name is Rue coming forth with a message. I'm a close friend of someone who had something scary happen to him lately. I have something very important to address which inclines me to post a tweet in this format. It regards a user within the Pokemon Community online known as GekkougaLarry.

Online it was reported that Larry was found dead in front of his house. The vagueness of him being “dead” has made the internet jump to the conclusion that he may have committed suicide due to some messages he left to people before he disappeared as well as him being known to spend his life helping others and not really taking care of himself in the process. I am here to shine light with very relieving news/updates as well as clarifying everyone on what happened so the misconceptions can hopefully end. I'm going to start with the first 2 important things about this update:
First off: Larry did not commit suicide and he is not dead. What caused him to be in harm's way was him trying to save a friend from committing suicide.

Despite him sounding like he was giving signs of suicide right before he left, that ended up not being the case and was irrelevant to the accident at hand. (I'll get into that in more detail later into this message.) Larry was said to be fighting to get a gun away from one of his friends who was feeling suicidal which happened in front of his house when he pulled the gun away from her, he got shot in the chest and became fatally injured. The reason why he was reported as “dead” immediately was due to his neighbors mistaken him as such, but luckily, help arrived for Larry on time so he didn't pass away. I want it to be clear that despite dying or not, Larry went down as a hero, not a suicide victim. He was a very brave, selfless and caring person who has put his life on the line for someone else.

Second of all: As you can tell from what you read already, Larry is in fact alive.

Larry was very close to dying due to being shot in his chest, but since it didn't hit his heart, he got very lucky and is still alive to this day. He's in the middle of recovery and he will be fine.

Since this is going to bring up a lot of question on how the hell the misconception has started, I will answer them in the further text the best as I can.

“What exactly caused people online to mistaken Larry being died and his death possibly being a suicide?”

When the first update of the situation happened, it was a vague report of Larry's neighbors finding him “dead” in front of his house and that it was an awful scene. There were no updates public regarding his status after that for a while. During that time people online were trying to come into terms if it was true or not and the majority eventually claimed he has died and assumed it was a suicide due to some “signs” he has shown that potentially can lead to someone committing suicide. However, those messages, as well as deleting his twitter, was completely unrelated to the situation and it just happened to be a very scary and disturbing coincidence that Larry got hurt right after he left social media.
Yes, the social media thing is completely unrelated to his injuries. Like I said, he was saving someone else from committing suicide, not committing suicide himself. As deleting his twitter may have resulted from online drama regarding a particular fanbase, no one online is the blame for him getting hurt as it WAS NOT a suicide. I was trying to stop people from jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers when I still didn't know the full context of what happened because people should not act hastily about something they don't have the full context, but I was too late and it blames were still made. Regardless of your feelings on certain individuals/groups, they ARE NOT involved in why he almost died.

“Why did Larry leave social media if it's unrelated to him almost dying?”

It's not completely clear on why, but it sounds like something really bad has happened which caused depression that made him feel he needs to take a break from social media. He did have good intents in trying to help the Pokemon Community becoming better as well as helping individuals within the community to not fall victim to things that would cause bad stuff to happen to them online, and if they happened to do so, he tried to help them not make the same mistakes again. Even with this in mind, we should not be quick to point fingers at anyone regarding that as well. But if you have to take something about what kind of person he was to the Pokemon Community, keep this man in mind and try better yourselves in order to make the community improve a little instead of constantly getting worse day by day. He was trying to do that himself, so more people trying to do the same can help what he tried to do so much more. Larry is the type of person who can see that anyone has a chance of bettering themselves if they actually end up willing to do so.

“What took so long to get the truth to come out?”

The misconceptions have already been spread full force before a real-life friend of his came forth to me and a few others about what exactly happened to Larry. I and other people were informed to keep the updates he was giving us about Larry private during the time frame that we've been getting updates. The reasons for it I cannot say, but it seems like he wanted people to hold off until there was full closure on Larry's situation before publically stating anything. Which can obviously tell has been temporary as being private information only.
Since I am originally posting this on Twitter where it's hard to say a lot in this format also, this is all I can say. (Even if I'm requesting some friends to copy and paste this on forums they log onto in order to spread this other places ASAP.) I hope it clears up enough to shine the light on the situation and I apologize if this format for tweeting is clunky. (People reading on forums don't need to worry about this)

Thank you for listening.

- Rue

You can find Rue on Twitter @foolishlayde or on Deviantart /foolishlayde

Thank you for your time reading and have a good day!

RE: An update on our friend Larry - Scighera - Aug 6, 2018

No Let's Go Pikachu for Larry Sad