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[Gen7] Evolutionary Stones Giveaway [Hacked/Cloned] - gkh1997 - Sep 16, 2018

Hello, a small Evolutionary Stones giveaway~

Stones giving away:
* Dawn Stone (held by Dialga)
* Dusk Stone (held by Palkia)
* Shiny Stone (held by Giratina)
* Sun Stone (held by Reshiram)
* Moon Stone (held by Zekrom)
* Ice Stone (held by Ice Stone)

* Deposit a Granbull into GTS requesting level 100 XXXXX. Comment with the level, gender of the Granbull and your IGN.
* No Private Messages because I never read them.
* Feel free to request multiple at a time if you have multiple games.
* You can request as many as you want,

I am in GMT+8 and all the Pokemons are not battle ready!