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Zeraora Code Raffle! - NOW CLOSED - 0kamii - Nov 4, 2018

[Image: h5KUhPx.jpg]
Legends in making! It's 0kamii, and today I'm bringing you a short post so you can enter to win!

I was at my local GameStop getting my codes for Gen 7's last mythical pokémon, Zeraora, and I'd just so happened to be given an extra code! They only work for US/UM, and seeing as how I have one copy of each, I now have two Zeraora (one Jolly, one Adamant) all to myself. That leaves me with one code left, and I have no one to give it to. I don't want it to go to waste, so I've decided I'm going to raffle it off, right here on PokémonForever!

Curious how you can enter to win this code? Just follow the simple format below and post in thread. Entries posted after 12pm EST on November 7th will not be eligible for the raffle. You have until right now to 11:59am on the 7th to enter. Best of luck to everyone, and may this couch-surfing Mythical find its way home!
Friend Code:
Number 1 - 100:
That's all you have to do! Pick a number between 1 and 100, and may the lucky guesser bring home this awesome Mythical Pokémon! You're only guaranteed not to win if you don't enter, so try your luck! Also, just as an unwritten rule, if you already have a Zeraora, please refrain from entering. Just so all the people that can't make their way to their local GameStop have a chance to obtain their mon. If the winner doesn't respond by November 8th, I'll choose another winner. Best of luck to all the entires.

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii

RE: Zeraora Code Raffle! - Enter Now (Until 11/7) - Umbreon9004 - Nov 4, 2018

IGN: UltraBrendan (so happy i finally have ultra sun )
Friend Code:1203-9800-8991
Number 1 - 100: 21 (yes i made that joke. someone else was going too if not me)

RE: Zeraora Code Raffle! - Enter Now (Until 11/7) - TheAlmightySancho - Nov 5, 2018

Suppose I may as well bop in.
IGN: Sancho
Friend Code: 2681-0782-2240
Number 1 - 100: 42

RE: Zeraora Code Raffle! - Enter Now (Until 11/7) - Shadow - Nov 5, 2018

The event got cancelled in my country so I'll give it a go. Thank you for hosting this :D
IGN: Fenyks
Friend Code: 1220 - 8428 - 4655
Number 1 - 100: 73

RE: Zeraora Code Raffle! - Enter Now (Until 11/7) - 0kamii - Nov 7, 2018

Congratulations to our winner, @Shadow, who guessed the closest to the winning number of 80!

Thanks to everyone that entered the raffle, and be on the lookout for the guild's next event!

- 0kamii