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Vietflame's Team Building Shop - Vietflame - Feb 13, 2020

Hey guys, if you need BR competitive mons, you've come to the right place! Even though getting competitive mons is much easier, not everyone has the time. So I'm here to build your team as long as they're breedable!

What I want

In exchange, I am looking for the following:
- Dream Balls (1 for 3 mons)
- Love Balls (1 for 3 mons)
- Moon Balls (1 for 3 mons)
- Beast Balls (1 for 3 mons)
- Master Balls (1 for 2 mons)

And I believe star and sweet ribbons are out now? Will to do a 1 for 6 mons trade!


Requesting Pokemon

No legendaries!!

When you leave your request, please copy and paste the following format, and make sure your request is legal!!:

Pokemon (and nickname if wanted):
IVs (I can only guarantee perfect 5IVs, but if I get 6 it's yours!):
EV spread:
Egg moves:

- All Pokemon will be fed to have max dynamax level!
- Any other specifications, let me know! I might have mons in special balls but that's a might xD
- Every Pokemon will be raised to level 50, or to when they evolve/need to learn a specific move you've listed.


Status update

No requests put in at the moment

Please know that it will take a couple days depending on the request load, but I will keep a status update in this post so you know how far I am along. So come back and check!


Thanks for your patience and dropping by!