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Looking for Friends - Nati0n - Aug 19, 2020

I've recently got Pokemon Y and played through it, I am now starting the fun part of shiny hunting as well as preparing pokemon for future use when I aquire Sword & Shield or hopefully a Gen 4 remake. Anywho, I am looking for friends to fill up the friend Safari. I do not know my own Safari, though it'd be of great help if someone checked and the Pokemon. My Friend code is; 3153-3890-4393.

I wish you all an amazing day.

RE: Looking for Friends - Gentleman - Aug 24, 2020

Hello @Nati0n ,
nice to meet you. I just added you to my friends list and then realized that you already added me
as well. See you in game. Have a good one.

RE: Looking for Friends - Nati0n - Aug 25, 2020

Good Day @Gentleman 
Pleasure to meet you as well. I look forward to seeing you in game and hope you have a good day as well.