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A Quick Reminder
Hey guys,
I just want everyone reading this to know that not all of us on the website have Ultra Sun and/or Ultra Moon. I, for one, am one of these people. Please do not start expecting everybody to have this game, as, well, we don't. A lot of us are planning/hoping to get in the future, and we also don't care for your spoilers. There is a spoiler warning feature on this site; please use it. Please also remember that most people still just have Sun and/or Moon, and there is a large amount of help to be given and discussions to be had about these games. Before this site becomes nothing but UsUm content, remember that the sudden onslaught of SuMo content last year drove away many members of the site who didn't have the game yet. Let's not have this happen again. This site is here for you to discuss ALL Pokemon games, but please show courtesy for those who do not have the newest games yet.

Thank you,
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This is super important! I also don't have the new games yet, and have been trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible so I can do a blind run for my YouTube channel whenever I find the time to start that up! Be courteous, don't forget that some people (like me) aren't the most financially stable, and can't always get the newest thing on the market when it comes out! Thanks to everyone for being conservative about discussing content for the new games so early on, we appreciate it!

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In relation to this, I added a [US/UM] thread prefix for those who do want to talk about it. I'm honestly surprised we forgot to add this earlier.
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Thank god I'm not the only one who wasn't able to get it this month ;-; That stress is/was getting to me too much because all my friends and all my Shiny Hunter idols like ProfessorWess, got the game on release day and started streaming it non stop.

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