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[ANNOUNCEMENT] A Royale Introduction to our NEWEST KAHUNAS
yeah uh so i get why people think its not fair that im kahuna but i just got asked to do it and since i still enjoy posting on the website i said yes, so you can complain to @Justin i guess @RetroTyphlosion

also i dont really get the "get the respect back" part but ok lol
@"yung lord" RetroTyphlosion simply assumed that it was you that I was referring to, which I wasn't, when he commented on my message. I have no problem with you becoming a kahuna. I corrected Retro previously in this thread, so don't know why you tagged me in your message above.
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@PerchPond sorry read too quickly :/
@"yung lord" Look, I’m aware of your abilities, and your posts are some of the highest quality on the site. You’re going to do a great job as Kahuna. I don’t have complaints. While I do find the situation unfair, I don’t have any real problem with it.

Good luck on the mod team!

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You know, im not one to say that kahunas are important or nesecarry, but without moderators of any kind this site would go down the drain. but you know i would like it if a new addition was added to the site while im here. but what if we just had a page where we could search up a pokemon, and based on what people have submitted, it can show a list of nicknames other people came up with for said pokemon for you to chose from. cause were all gonna have that one pokemon we like more then the others, and so we may feel the need to secure a bond and make a nickname for it. but sometimes being creative with nicknames can be hard. Thus, i introduce my idea

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