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I kinda took a break from the site because, well... [font]My grades were kinda slipping and I wanna keep em up![/font]
[font]So first off , sorry for abandoning my GA... I know I suck, I suck
But, Imma have some more coming back![/font]
Second, If you could tell me what has changed that would be great!.... Also, I seared my username in that thing and searched by posts. I saw that naitre was gone....? Whaaaaaaaa

I’m back!
if you want to come help on my Ditto giveaway im always looking for people to help me Smile
@Jirachi Cool Smile
I’m back!
good to see u again @Hatonacat
I'm back too, lol. Got back into Pokemon, except TCG this time!
Life only happens once. Make the most out of it.

I main Tracer for some reason...
My Friend Safari is Flying with Pidgey, Fletchiender and Swanna. Feel free to add me!

Also, my name is Hayden... Why am I Johnnyspyguy?

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