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[ART] Sketches I've done in March 2018
Hey again guys! Firstly I'll say Happy Easter to all of you who celebrates it and hope you have a great time! And secondly I apologize incase I broke a rule about making more threads on basically the same topic..
Anyway this is gonna be a long one since I'm showing about 20 sketches I've done this month and a sentance or 2 about them.
1.Welp looks like I started the month with a kinda dark sketch... Basically an alternative dimension with the evil team (in this case Rocket) actually winning and Crystal losing the battle agaisnt them (Mar 2)
[Image: DXVFV_rXUAAWME2.jpg]
2. This was actually in my top 5 sketches I believe but it's Crystal waving in her lab uniform. (Mar 3)
[Image: DX-AMDcXkAA21Qq.jpg]
3. Huh not a Crystal sketch? I haven't done another Pokemon character in about a year so I decided to try doing another Blue/Green Sketch and here's how it came out (Mar 4)
[Image: DXfSNWOX0AEJRPX.jpg]
4. I don't really know how I feel about this sketch now.. Tried doing those love hand poses.. but I don't really know how to do heart shapes (Mar 4)
[Image: DXfirizX0AEPptO.jpg]
5. Did a sketch of Mario due to Mar10 day so of course I had to (Mar 10)
[Image: DX96_QiXkAELwTG.jpg]
6. Probably one of my favorites due of how cute I thought she was. (Also in my top 5 list) (Mar 11)
[Image: DYDS7RHX0AARpKW.jpg]
7. I think I only did a sketch of Crystal sleeping because of how I felt... tired (Mar 11)
[Image: DYIRAPuWAAARzGw.jpg]
8. I did this due of how I think Crystal would act upon if danger gets close to her students (Mar 12)
[Image: DYIcZl_XkAEKgHy.jpg]
9. I did this to see how much I progessed doing Crystal heads and emotions and I can say I'm getting better (Also for a twitter background thingie) (Mar 13)
[Image: DYNxnWtX0AAF97i.jpg]
10. First time doing a full sketch in school since it was a revision time.. I sorta didn't have a usable computer in the session so I used the hour to draw (Mar 14)
[Image: DYTJH9cWAAAJFTP.jpg]
11. Actually this could be number 10.. but the tweet says otherwise so I'm gonna say this is 11, based off when Mario throws Cappy in Odyssey. (Mar 14)
[Image: DYTEkMBWkAAaPJF.jpg]
12. How I think Crystal feels about her HG/SS costume, embarrassed (Mar 17)
[Image: DYiitpsW4AA02I2.jpg]
13. Did this one basing of Sonic's tipping over an edge pose from Mania.. (Mar 17)
[Image: DYizfibWAAAR-vi.jpg]
14. Did this since I thought it would be cute seeing Crystal lying in a flower field. (Mar 18)
[Image: DYngFD1WkAAZXii.jpg]
15. Did this for pinkness even if it isn't colored.. Also the release of Kirby Star Allies. Shiny Celebi, Kirby and Crystal have something pink in them (Crystal's shirt is Redish/Pinkish) (Mar 19)
[Image: DYzSb_kXcAA6n7E.jpg]
16. Just needed to get back into something a bit more simple so it's just Crystal with her hands behind her back looking off in the distance (Mar 21)
[Image: DY3DCEaW4AEYKI8.jpg]
17. Also another simple one but I'm now trying to curve Crystal's front part of her hair now (Mar 22)
[Image: DY8ISiQW4AEALAx.jpg]
18. Well this is basically what she had after lying in the flower field. She's holding some of the flowers she got there (Mar 24)
[Image: DZHEMDBXUAAL8X-.jpg]
19. Crystal in a Dedede costume.. But she doesn't like holding the heavy hammer nor like clobbering others around. (Mar 25)
[Image: DZLZippWsAA8ReI.jpg]
20. Hmm this seems familiar. Basing it off the other Sonic Mania sprite of tipping the other way. (Mar 26)
[Image: DZQwkvDX0AAs6tS.jpg]
21. I use to nibble on chocolate just like that... (Mar 27)
[Image: DZVjMU8X4AAqqv6.jpg]
22. Crystal is now in a Marx costume, another Kirby character.. I really just love the characters way to much.. (Mar 27)
[Image: DZWFJ47W0AAKmcN.jpg]
23. And finally the last one of the month is Crystal's Easter costume.. kinda simple but she's also hold an Easter egg (Mar 31) (Main features are the Pink ears, the pink clothes with a bunny head in the middle and a bunny puffed tail. The egg also has a wave and stars)
[Image: DZpVjc-X0AUm-Pi.jpg]
Well that took 20 mins to create but do you guys like what I draw, and if you want to tell me how to improve, your favorite etc I'm more than happy to hear what you guys have to say
Also if I can do this monthly I will... It's just if I'm breaking the rules or not...
Wow... soo many sketches, it's an impressive collection 

I like how Mar10 snuck in there  Tongue
I like #15, Shiny Celebi and Kirby actually make a great combination!

PS: Please post your drawings whenever you want (you are definitively not breaking any rules)! Wink
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 
Teach me your ways please!
Thanks for the replys!
@Tenebris_Kane of course Mar10 had to sneak into my March collection because nobody can forget about the Mario
@Pwimawh_Kiogah I actually get this exact message from someone of Discord lol. All I gotta say is keep on practicing and you'll get better (That's if you even want to draw)
@Black Waterfall Well in that case I guess I can upload this monthly then :D Also I like the crossovers of characters in my drawings but that Celebi took way to long to draw..
I may post my art, apparently I can draw many Pokemon -just not pikachu-

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