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[ART] Sketches catch-up of April 2018
Here we go again! (A tad late.. Kinda uhm fell asleep)
Hey it's Crystalee and I'm here to do my monthly showcase of sketches. here's April 2018 for you all!
*gotta think of something* So Sunday night I did actually get myself a shiny Cyndaquil while hunting Chikorita in Heart Gold which is alright but not my main target, and also Crystal's birthday is at April 30th which still is for a tad of you people so Happy/late happy birthday to Crystal! Alright now lets get on with the sketches

1. Crystal kicking training. (04/01/18) This one I thought of doing since I haven't really done anything much with what Crystal does so I decided to do what she did in the Manga at one point... which was training at kicking pokeballs. Not really proud of the Chikorita I done but oh well..
[Image: DZvCDUGW4AE-CA9.jpg]
2. Shrugging Sonic. (04/02/18) So I think I made his body like real big but eh I don't have much to say about this sketch so... Sonic is disappoint with you all at something...
[Image: DZ0idiaW0AED2sD.jpg]
3. Crystal eye pose. (04/02/18) I wanted to try out those v sign fingers that people do when they put their fingers over their eye.. You know what I mean.. uhm right?
[Image: DZ01P5vX4AAjrmr.jpg]
4. Kris during battle. (04/02/18) Sorta wanted to make a sketch of Kris ordering her Pokemon to do a move... I got a little idea of something I want to draw when/if I get a drawing tablet
[Image: DZ54IycWAAA2cIc.jpg]
5. Kirby and the Dees. (03/04/18) I really do want to draw some Kirby stuff so here what my 1st/2nd sketch was all about.. It's cute
[Image: DZ5zVUxXUAA1_rh.jpg]
6. Crystal shrugging. (04/04/18) Wait don't we already have somebody shrugging this month? Is this month just disappoint towards me? I hope not...
[Image: DZ_D3gqXUAANUWS.jpg]
7. Dark Crystal. (05/04/18) So like I was on this phase of Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story... I kinda wanted to make a Dark Crystal so I did... of course no color but I did add a list of the changes that would happen
[Image: DaEVUjdX0AAbX3h.jpg]
8. Kirby vs Dedede. (05/04/18) Of course I'm still learning how to draw Kirby characters... I mean look at Dedede.. he's so funny looking when I draw him.. *Giggle*
[Image: DaEoXnPVAAA5neD.jpg]
9. Chilled Crystal. (05/04/18) Actually made this while at my friend's house showing "Hey I can draw this character with no photo examples, watch"
[Image: DaJGYIAXkAMbfY7.jpg]
10. Escargoon Crystal Cosplay. (06/04/18) You can really see after Star Allies I really had a Kirby phase... I really loved Escargoon for RBAY so I did a Crystal Cosplay which I thought was quite funny.
[Image: DaJcVoRXkAAynEY.jpg]
11. Crystal on the swings with Waddle Dee. (07/04/18) This one is real cute to me.. Basically one of my favorites now. I just love how adorable this is.
[Image: DaOo_NUWkAACer9.jpg]
12. Short Tempered Crystal. (08/04/18) I don't really know what to say about this... Crystal is getting angry at something.
[Image: DaT0SnBWsAEyqno.jpg]
13. Team Rocket Crystal. (10/04/18) She whispers to show she is a spy watching what Team Rocket is doing.
[Image: DactUE0WAAAIiRN.jpg]
14. Crystal sitting and thinking. (10/04/18) Basically been doing sketches based on my emotions at this time... and I literally sometimes do this exact thing as this sketch. But I find it like really really cute
[Image: DaeB0iKX4AEbK9w.jpg]
15. Friend's Furret OC. (11/04/18) So this was my first ever request given.. A friend tried getting my attention at 2am to ask if I could draw her OC for her since she says she's not the best at drawing human shapes.
[Image: DaiX3MRWkAIXnXP.jpg]
16. Crystal Cry. (12/04/18) Another one... based on my emotions, basically a run away from fears and giving up on stuff.
[Image: Danz5VZW0AAovlw.jpg]
17. Sparkle eyes Crystal. (13/04/18) She looks up in the sky getting inspired to get going on a new adventure.
[Image: DatY2EIX4AET7vP.jpg]
18. Crystal Meta Knight cosplay. (14/04/18) I done a Marx, a Dedede... Even a Escargoon cosplay but not a Meta Knight... So here we go!
[Image: DayT0Q2XcAARDje.jpg]
19. Crystal Overalls trouble. (16/04/18) Basically made this drawing like she has never wore overalls before and doesn't really know how they work. Since she just hates the look of them and all.
[Image: Da8fC0yW4AAAytE.jpg]
20. Crystal, I bring no trouble. (17/04/18) Basically wanted to try out new hand jesters and really want to improve my hat drawing skills.
[Image: DbB2uBeXkAECazP.jpg]
21. Crystal falling 1. (18/04/18) So I did do a resketch of this but they looked so different I decided to add both here anyway..
[Image: DbG7iKZWsAUi4YY.jpg]
22. Crystal falling 2. (19/04/18) "Oww! Hey why the big push" I had to think of something to say.. Also just trying out new stuff.. I think it was way to complicated for me though..
[Image: DbMN8Q-X0AAFQTg.jpg]
23. Crying Crystal.. (20/04/18) Wait.. another emotion one? Trust me it's probably the last one you'll see this month..
[Image: DbRGrhVW4AEB7Vv.jpg]
24. Crystal sitting in the spring breeze. (22/04/18) "I just want a day to chill out in this warm air, want to join me?"
[Image: DbZczCmWsAIbDhf.jpg]
25. Crystal jump. (23/04/18) Basing around Sonic jumping pose from Mania.. I haven't really done a jumping pose ever/in such a long time.
[Image: Dbg3poHWsAAIV9-.jpg]
26. Crystal Chikorita Spring. (23/04/18) I love the Chikorita costume I created in the past.. So I decided to bring it back for the spring time with some improvements involved.. I love the cosplay! <3
[Image: DbhKveNX4AEKsI7.jpg]
27. Mighty the Armadillo. (26/04/18) Really love Mighty as a character in Sonic so I decided since he just got a trailer in Mania Plus I would draw him.
[Image: DbvpVB2WkAMCFZK.jpg]
28. HeraCrystal. (26/04/18) Just a Crystal with her Heracross love.. nothing more.
[Image: Dbv_-0AX4AA89l6.jpg]
29. Cryson ship. (27/04/18) So this ship is me (on the right) and my friend Carson.. Who I actually don't think is on this website.. but here's my first drawing of me and him... I'm actually quite proud of how we both came out tbh...
[Image: Db1s0P8XcAEEu8_.jpg]
30. CrystaleeMew. (30/04/18) It's me.. What else do you want? I made my self look real young and stubby though... that might be me.. but I totally think that...
[Image: DcDlMxSWkAE2XWD.jpg]
31. Happy Birthday Crystal! (30/04/18) "Thank you Xatee and the rest of my companions for these gifts this year" If you didn't know Crystal's birthday is on the 30th of April and I couldn't miss the chance of drawing this cutee for her birthday. Also.. Birthday hat and that's Xatee holding her present
[Image: DcDXU71XUAMfzmx.jpg]

So do you like what I've done this month? Which one(s) are your favorite? got any tips on how I can improve? I would love you hear all your opinions so feel free to comment whatchu want!  Blush
Also this took me over 30 mins to create... again..
Also if you wanted to know my favorite of this month is Crystal on the swings with Waddle Dee followed by Crystal sitting and thinking.

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