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Abbreviation meanings and other lingo
Hi whom ever might be reading this thought of mine I once wrote. I had struggled with the countless abbreviations littered through out the forums having to google it every time LOL. Any how I fingered I should make a list so they are all here easy to find and learn. Please add too and correct anything you can to help me and others who had once thought the same.

HA - Hidden Ability
BR - Battle Ready
LF - Looking For
GA - Giveaway
FT - For Trade
EM - Egg Move

if you just so happen to feel the need to expand my knowledge and others then add more of what this thread is explaining Smile

[Image: gligar.png]

You should add IV's and EV's as those often confuse people who don't do competitive play with Pokémon

IVs - Individual values (rarely referred to as DVs) these reflect how high Pokémon's stats are compared to others in the same species, These range from 0-31 with 31 often being reffered to as 'best'. For example a Gligar with 31 IVs in attack would have a higher attack stat than a Gligar with 0 IVs in attack at the same level.

EVs - Effort values, these positively affect a Pokémons stats and can be raised on individual Pokémon either through battle or through special drinks given to the Pokémon when they play in the Poké pelago. Pokémon can have a maximum of 252 EVs in one stat and a maximum of 510 spread between all 6 stats. 
For more information on how to EV train Pokémon 0kamii has posted a useful guide here

I cannot believe I missed that, I'm glad you are the one to write it though because you did an immaculate job! Thank you for making this that much better.
You're welcome, hopefully this will help some people in the future  Smile
Also Nature, which could be abbreviated. And Nickname. And Original Trainer, if that is a thing...

which abreviation were you thinking for nature, I can't think of one I have heard off the top of my head?

It's a Good suggestion to add original trainer/ OT, also IGN / FC could be added although I think IGN and FC are only useful to people who are new to playing Pokémon online as that is a given if you have any experience
NA for Nature?

But LV/LVL for Level maybe too?
Ok so I knew when I wrote this original post that I wasn't putting much into it yet as it was a recurring idea that I had finally acted upon.

There... I think that does quite a bit of justice on covering some missed grounds
You fingered? Only I notice these things.

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