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Any OG Jflynn peeps around?
Hi guys! It's been about a million years since I've been on here.
I was a mod for Justin back when he still streamed regularly, and I was wondering if any old regulars are still around!

It seems Justin dropped off the face of the planet since he stopped doing youtube videos--
I miss Justin to death, and I hope he is doing well these days despite health issues in the past.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in to say hi and maybe catch up with a few of you. I think about the old days quite a bit, even if it was just a few years ago!
And for everyone who wasn't there when Justin was streaming, thank you for keeping his website alive. I'm so glad he was able to create such an awesome Pokemon community. Smile
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Hey, Meganchu.

I'm not an OG user by any means, but I'm one of the newer mods around here. Nice to see someone resurge. We still speak with Justin on Discord, and he seems as quirky as ever. He even gave that moustache post his seal of approval. So yeah, thanks for stopping in. Hope you'll linger around a little longer.

- 0kamii
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Does this seal of approval look like a Sealeo?
I remember watching some of his streams, but I never interacted with others, I would just lurk. His streams were entertaining and they were part of what kept me hooked on pokemon.

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