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Breeding and Genning Services
I need genning service to help with a manaphy doesn't matter what level or moves at all thanks
For Genning:

Pokemon: Kyogre
Level: 100
Item: Muscle Band
Poke ball: ultra
Shiny: yes
Ability: Drizzle
Gender: no gender
Nature: bold
IVs: 6ivs
EVs: does not matter
Moves: Ancient Power, Origin Pulse, Hydro Pump, and Sheer Cold

Pokemon Deposited: Cottonee
Gender: male
Level: 1
IGN: Amie

thanks so much:D
Hi im not familiar with all the terminology, but can you do any non shiny arceus? Just for looks for my kid doesn't need any fancy moves or anything if so thank you very much! If not thank you also, these giveaways are awesome

Pokemon: Exeggutor (Alolan)
Nickname: no nickname
Level: 50
Item: none
Poke ball: ultra ball
Shiny: no
Ability: Harvest
Gender: doesn't matter
Nature: doesn't matter
IVs: 31 Speed and the others random
EVs: doesn't matter
Moves: Skill Swap - Bestow - Wood Hammer - Hypnosis

Pokemon: Fearow
Level: 26
Nickname: Beaks
Gender: Female
IGN: Arthur
Message: This is a pokemon that I raised so that it will do great in battles.
Requesting: Exeggutor lvl 41 to 50

Please send me a message when you trade it.
Howdy! Is this still open?
Pokemon: Noivern
Nickname: Noivern
Level: 100
Item: Wise Glasses
Poke ball: Dusk Ball
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Infiltrator
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
IVs: 31 HP/0 ATK/31 DEF/31 SPDEF/31 SPATK/31 SPE
EVs: 252 SPATK/4 HP/252 SPE
-Air Slash
-Dragon Pulse

Pokemon: Cubone
Level: 16
Nickname: Fiery Spirit
Gender: Male
IGN: Cece
Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Requesting: Noivern, Level 91 or higher
(Mar 26, 2017, 01:45 PM)Colette Wrote:
Breeding and Genning Services
Prior to me going inactive I used to help with a Giveaway that bred all pokemon requested, basically I'm going to do it again.
If anyone would like to join and help out feel free to PM me and I'll add you to the group, and if you have discord and you are in the PF discord feel free to PM me on there as my username is the same as here :^)

Additionally, I'm going to be offering limited genning, editing, and cloning services. Please be sure to read the rules, thank you.

Team so far:
@Brockahly @Peridot3ds

Be sure to give them a rep as they're taking their time to help you guys out :]

P.S. For those who want a whole team genned brock here will be able to get to you guys as I'm busy with school I'm still going to be only offering 1 pokemon per person every 5 requests. If you want services from brock please say so on your request and he is only willing to do so for people who want legit comp teams. He will be assisting around 4-5 people at a time so please be patient

For the breeding section, you are able to request any pokemon available in Sun/Moon dex. ALL pokemon are bred, so if you're skeptic about it being illegal or genned rest assured, they are bred in game. You are free to request shinies however those may take a little longer, and will have less priority.

For genning / editing / cloning services these will obviously be genned / manipulated in any way. Do not stress if you're worried you may get banned as these pokemon are genned / edited so that they are completely legal.

[Image: f8069b1c5402176f82aeac07c4703358.gif]


1. You are allowed to request one pokemon at a time, after yours is finished you are free to request once again.
2. No alts, if you are caught making more than one account you will be dismissed and exempt from all future services of mine.
3. No arguments towards each other, if you have something to say towards another person just keep it to yourself, it's just a game.
4. For Genning services you may only request one pokemon and you must wait until 5 people after your request have received their pokemon in order for you to request again.
5. You may only ask for legal pokemon for genning. For instance I cannot gen you a shiny tapu fini or zygarde. If you happen to ignore this, your request in turn will be ignored Smile

Please keep in mind I am busy, I will catch up on requests mostly on the weekends, thank you for your understanding.

Also for those who are waiting to receive their pokemon from my previous Giveaway - Be Our Guest, feel free to PM me

Please post in the following format:

For Breeding:

Shiny: (yes or no)
IVs: (I'll try my best for it to be exact)
Moves / egg moves:

For Genning:

Poke ball: (must be legal, can't be like a dream ball tapu koko)
Shiny: (yes or no)

For editing / cloning just list how many clones / what you want changed, thank you.

After I'm done with your request please deposit a pokemon on the GTS and please do not deposit common pokemon that are flooded such as starters, fomantis, etc

GTS Format if you need it:

Pokemon Deposited:

[Image: tumblr_mid1dqv04H1ro7rx4o1_1280.gif]

Pokemon: Groudon
Nickname: (none)
Level: 60
Item: Red Orb
Poke ball: Pokeball
Shiny: no
Ability: Drought
Gender: (none)
Nature: Gentle
IVs: Randomized
EVs: Also Randomized
 - Earthquake
 - Solar Beam (It's legal trust me)
 - Brick Break
 - Rest

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