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[CLOSED] Active Ditto Giveaway (Closed)
I would like a Ditto, too

Nature: Brave
IGN: Niklas
Nickname: 5
I would really like a Ditto please Smile
                               Nature:Doesn't really matter
                               IGN :MrNoCash
                               Additional info: Dratini is bashful nature, shed skin ability and the message is "This is a pokemon I raise very carefully. Please trade with me if you'd like."
Thanks in advance Smile
I need a Ditto for my Trick Room, so...
Nature:Brave, preferably, but it doesn't matter.
I don't have my ds with me right now, so I might have to deposit tomorrow if it wouldn't be too much trouble...
Thank you so much!
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Hello ! Cool Giveaway ! Smile
I'd like a 5 IVs Ditto to breed Trick room pokemons!

IGN : Mish Jagger
Nature : whichever you want! Smile
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 5 (female lvl 1)
Message : Please trade Pokemon with me.
Wanted: 91+ Ditto 5IVs

Thank you in advance! 
ill be trading tomorrow tuesday may 9 and ill be doing it around 2-3 pm est
i've traded everyone that i saw make a post on this thread if you weren't trade it's because somebody else already traded you
Sadly my Dratini is still in the GTS so i try it once again

Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Nickname: 6
Nature: Jolly

Thanks :D
(May 7, 2017, 03:20 PM)Theobroco Wrote: IGN: Broco
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Nickname: 6
Nature: Timid

Thanks a lot!


My little beauty was neither traded or sniped. Do you think I need to redeposit it or was it too far on your waiting list?
You've missed my Dratini in GTS (all was set as requested) so decided to post it again, sorry (also I set up Dratini again just for it to be almost at the beginning of GTS offers):

IGN: Frea
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender Female
Nickname: 6

Nature of requested Ditto: Jolly

Thank you! ^^
i look for the pokémon my own meaning ditto i had like 10 trades and did them all if you get a ditto called pkmnforever i traded you in going to sleep now when i wake up around 1-3 pm EST ill trade again and ill let everyone know when i do it

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