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[CLOSED] Active Ditto Giveaway (Closed)
I'd like to recieve a Ditto too, if you wouldn't mind. :D

IGN: Heroeswrath
Deposited: Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level: Male Lv. 1 in a Timer ball.
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Wanted: 6IV preferrably Timid but any natured Ditto will do.


[Image: adpolu96c38.png]
IGN:Rare pepe
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Message:Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance
Ditto 5IVs received! perfect ! thank you my friend!
see you for your next awesome GA !
Could I get another Ditto?  So I can have a 6IV one as well?  If not, that's OK.  But if so...

IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level : Male Lv. 1 in an Premier Ball.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Wanted : 6IV Adamant Ditto

Thank you! :D
i Traded everyone who i saw if you didn't get a ditto someone sniped your trade
I got it this time! Thanks a lot!
Hey guys Vote for my next giveaway Thanks everyone
Got my Ditto. Thank you very much. Smile

[Image: adpolu96c38.png]
Got mine as well, thank you! :3
No problem everyone

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