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[CLOSED] Active Ditto Giveaway (Closed)
(May 14, 2017, 06:09 PM)Chiyome Wrote: I received my Ditto just fine! Thank you so much, you guys are the best !! Big Grin

no problem we are here to help the community Smile
(May 7, 2017, 11:41 AM)Jirachi Wrote: So when you guys request ill be trading through the GTS if you want 5 Iv dittos nickname the pokémon "5" or if you want 6 iv put "6" as the nickname.

The Pokémon you have to put up for trade is a Dratini i'm only going to be looking through levels 1-10 so if it's above i won't trade the Dittos nickname will be pkmnforever 

The ditto ill be trading will be shiny with imposter 5 or 6 ivs whatever you guys want.
Brave nature for 5 iv and 6 iv can be Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only

                                        Fill the form
                               Nature (5 ivs = Brave) (6 ivs = Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only)
                               IGN :
                               Nickname:When nicknameing for a 6 IV ditto please Put the nature you want after the 6 thanks

NEXT GIVEAWAY: BATTLE READY TAPUs for Singles and Doubles 

If you don't put a dratini lvl 1-10 on GTS i won't trade also request Ditto lvl 91-100

We Have a Help Shout Out to @stephenWITNESS To Helping out

@Jirachi would you be able to trade me a ditto on ORAS GTS???
Hey is it possible to get a second Ditto for my Pokemon Sun Edition?  Smile
@trillkhalil sure. Just make a request in the same format
@Arquero yep! No problem
Hammer Morty
2014 - 2017

Forever In Our Hearts


IGN : Quay
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6Jolly
Deposited Gender & Level : Female Lv. 1 in a dive ball.
Message : Ditto
Wanted : 6IV Jolly Ditto
this is on ORAS GTS
Thats nice ty

IGN : Torben
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6Adamant lvl 1 Male
Wanted : 6IV Ditto Adamant

Thanks Smile
IGN: GhostNinja
Nature: Jolly 6 IV Ditto
Deposited Nickname: 6Jolly, Lvl 1 Female Dratini

Thank you in advance!
Thank you!
So I herd u liek Tyflozions...
I'm a VGC player. Contact me if you need help with competitive battling!
All dittos up to this point have been sent out

Enjoy Smile
Hammer Morty
2014 - 2017

Forever In Our Hearts

Ign: Matteo
Deposited: Dratini nicknamed 5
Gender: female lvl 1
Wanted: 5IV Brave Ditto

Thank You

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