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[CLOSED] Active Ditto Giveaway (Closed)
So when you guys request ill be trading through the GTS if you nickname the Shellos pkmon4ever so it's easy to find.

The Pokémon you have to put up for trade is a Shellos. The Dittos nickname will be pkmnforever ALL Dittos have Destiny Knots

The ditto ill be trading will be shiny with imposter 5 or 6 ivs whatever you guys want.
Brave nature for 5 iv and 6 iv can be Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only
Fill this form
Nature: (5 ivs = Brave) (6 ivs = Adament-Jolly-Brave-Timid only)
Nickname: pkmon4ever

If you don't put a Shellos on GTS i won't trade also request Ditto lvl 91-100

You can request move than once just wait about 24 hours between each post
 totally didn't take this from @stephenWITNESS Giveaway thread lol

We Have a awesome mod that does all the trades at the moment Shout Out to @stephenWITNESS To Helping out
I'd like a Ditto, if you wouldn't mind. :D

IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 5
Deposited Gender & Level : Female Lv. 1 in an Premier Ball.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Wanted : 5IV Brave Ditto

Thank you! :D
IGN: Frea
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender Female
Nickname: 6

Nature of requested Ditto: doesn't really matter, but might be Jolly

Thank you! ^^
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Nickname: 6
Nature: Jolly

Thanks :D
IGN: Broco
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Nickname: 6
Nature: Timid

Thanks a lot!
Nature: Adamant
IGN: Michael
Nickname: 6 (lv. 1, female)

Thank you so much in advance!
IGN: wink
Deposited: Dratini
Level: 1
Gender Male
Nickname: 6

the nature can be anything, thank you!
IGN : Zach
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level : Male Lv. 1 in a PokeBall.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure.
Wanted : 6IV Brave Ditto
IGN: Jessica
Deposited: Dratini named 6
Gender - Lvl: Female - Lvl.1
Wanted: 91+ Ditto
Preferred Nature: Adamant or Timid
Message: Default

Thank you! Smile
I'd also like a ditto!

IGN : Store Yngve
Deposited : Dratini nicknamed 6
Deposited Gender & Level : Male level 1 
Message : Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Wanted : 6 IV Ditto, preferably jolly nature, but any nature will do if you don't have it. 

Thank you so much! =D

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