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[CLOSED] BP Items Giveaway!!!! [Hacked/Cloned]
IGN: Kris
Deposited: Emolga(JPN) lvl 54 female
Requested: Kyogre
"I want to fill my pokedex"

Thank you!!!
@Krstoffr , sent! Smile

I am quite surprised Assault Vest is the most highly requested. :o

I thought Life Orb will be the most highly requested. :/
Gundam Fan
I actually need a rocky helmet but I really really need a shiny kyogre haha
@gkh1997 Hi, hows it going, would like to make a 2nd request please :D

Deposited: Emolga, Lv.1, Male
Requested: Groudon
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.

Thank you!!!

This giveaway is still quite slow. :o

I might close it on Tuesday 4pm GMT+8 and host Bottle Cap Giveaway....

I have been hanging out in Smogon Orange Islands these past few days by the way. Smile

I spent more time in Orange Islands than those competitive battling communities in Smogon. Smile
Gundam Fan
@gkh1997 yea but PF is slow compared to a lot of places tbh

Can I request a Kyogre before you decide to end the giveaway please:

Deposited: Emolga, Lv.1, Male
Requested: Kyogre
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.

Cheers :P
@ONESUNBEINGNOW , sent!! Smile

I have been busy in GameFAQs dealing with scammers. :/

There has been a lot recently in many Pokemon communities, be careful when trading...

And regarding this giveaway, I think I will close this today to make way for Bottle Cap Giveaway.
Gundam Fan
Can i still request for thr last time before u closed this thread??

Deposited: Emolga Male Lv 1
Wanted : Rayquaza
IGN : Rainwald

Thank you!
Hello, if this is still open, I'd like to request a Groudon/Rocky helmet, please.

IGN: Saul
Deposited: Emolga/Female/Lvl.1
Requested: Groudon
IGN: Cruz Control
Deposited: Emolga, Male Lvl. 55 in a Ultra Ball
Requested: Life Orb Rayquaza
Message: I want to trade for the Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thank you! :D

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