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[CLOSED] Bottle Cap Giveaway!!! [Hacked/Cloned]
Pokemon deposited: Emolga
level: 1
gender: male
ign: Ares
pokemon wanted: Ho-oh
@MS21 . sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
@jetevander , sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
Thanks you so much for hosting this!!!!
Received both caps and both gold caps ;-)
Appreciate your generosity
Deposited: Emolga Lv.1 
IGN: Conni
Wanted: Ho-Oh
@LordDarkrai , sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
Deposted: Emolga (CHT)
Level: 1
Gender: Female
IGN: Jessica
Wanted: Ho-Oh
Pokemon deposited: Emolga
level: 1
Gender: female
ign: Ares
request: Lugia
@Murrismine ,
@jetevander ,

sent! Smile
Gundam Fan
I will be offline for the next 2 days. Any suggestions for my next item giveaway? Please don't request Mega stones or Z Stone. :|
Gundam Fan

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