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[CLOSED] HA Sentret/Furret
@TheShinyMothim what would you like for a HA burmy? Is it in a pokeball?
(Feb 5, 2018, 02:37 PM)Pokeballsohard Wrote: @PerchPond ok, just message me tomorrow or whenever you're ready. I'll be on
@Pokeballsohard Sure
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@PokeballsohardYes it is in a poke ball. And another HA mon I don’t own yet would be nice. Could you make a list/picture of all your HA mons? Cuz I don’t have anything in specific for the moment

all HA :
teddiursa- honey gather
swinub- thick fat
spinarak- sniper
hoppip- infiltrator 
togepi- Super luck
zubat- infiltrator
sentret- frisk
gible- rough skin
starly- reckless
kecleon- protean
alolan vulpix- snow warning
venipede- speed boost
gligar- immunity
mudkip- damp
bulbasaur- chlorophyll
natu- magic bounce
treecko- unburden
magicarp- rattled
ralts- telepathy
dratini- marvel scale
shinx- guts
eevee- anticipation
pawniard- pressure
exeggcute- harvest
mereanie- regenerator
sableye- prankster
tangela- regenerator
totodile- sheer force
torchic- speed boost
squirtle- rain dish
chikorita- leaf guard
cyndaquil- Flash fire
snivy- contrary
oshawott- shell armor
tepig- reckless
flethling- gale wings
@I’d like the Shell Armor Oshawott. I can trade right now id you want.
Yeah @TheShinyMothim just let me breed one really quick. Gimme like 10 mins
@TheShinyMothim ok I'm ready in the plaza
Me too. You can send me a request, but don’t forget to register my FC
Lucas from Belgium? @TheShinyMothim

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