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[CLOSED] LF Any ha+Em i don't have .Ft a bunch of Em/ha/rareball pokemon.
Any Ha+Em pokemon that i don't have.

Info on the balls>>> <<<<Click on the link to see how the balls look like and for what they do/and where to get them.)

[Image: KN55Hv.png][Image: KN5fvR.png]

I offer to you these(For now)

[Image: XRcjjyV.gif]
Ability:Prankster/or any other(need to breed)
Legit:Yes, (I breed them, before trading)
Ivs:???-???-???-???-???-???(I'm still at the Ghost Trial, so i can't check the Ivs yet,( in the future will offer 4-5-6 ivs if i get the time to finish the game)
Moveset:Socker Punch-Trick-Nasty Plot-Recover( But can try to get Desired moves if you want)But will take more time)
Nature:Bashful(but can breed into another Nature if i have the Desired Ditto Nature)
Gender:???(Can breed till i get the Desired one for ya)
Held item:???
Region:Europe/-playing the game in Eng
Ball:Moon Ball

[Image: v5byNz2.gif]

Ability/Steadfast/Keen eye
Nature:Adamant/Timid/Impish(or any other)
Ball:Moon ball/Quik ball/ Level Ball(or i can try to get the poke in another rare ball if you want)
Moveset:Thunder Fang-Firefang-Socker Punch-Thrash(you can ask for which moves you like to get, and i will breed them for ya)

[Image: ytHu4cr.gif]

Ability:Magic guard/Cute Charm/ hidden ability:Friend guard
Nature:Will breed till i get the right one for ya
Moveset:Pound-Belly Drum-Charm(1 Em) (But i can try to get more Em if you need/want)
Ball:Love ball/ (but can try to get other rare ball if you want)

[Image: l2sY8Gw.gif]
Nature:Will breed till i get the right one for ya(will take some time)
Ball:Premierball(but can try to get any other ball/rare etc for ya)
Moveset:Defense Curl-Wish-Rollout(can try to look for other moves if you want)

Moveset:Wide Guard-Magnet Rise-Counter-Flail(4Em)(Can get others if you want)
Ball:Beast ball/Heavy ball/ Quikball(can try to look for others if you want)

[Image: 3MBbt3M.gif]
Ability:Weak armor/Sturdy (Hidden ability:Sandforce)
Moveset:Heavy Slam-Gravity-Wide Guard(Can try to get others if desired)
Nature:Will breed till i get the Desired one
Ball:Heavy ball(Rare)- Premier ball(can be bought for 10 pokeballs at shop ingame)

[Image: KNWjpt.gif]
Alolan Grimer:
Ability:Poison Touch-Gluttony- .(Hidden ability: Power of Alchemy)
Nature:Can try to breed till i get the right one for ya
Held item:I could add maybe a Berry(but not always)
Ball:Friend ball-Love ball-Moon ball(can also try to look for any other ball)
Moveset:Clear Smog-Shadow Sneak-Curse-Stockpile(or can look for any other you want)

[Image: KNbziP.gif]
Abilities:Iron Barbs-Lightningrod. (Hidden ability/Ha: Sturdy)
Nature:Can breed till i get the Right one for ya
Moveset:Flail-Reversal-Fake out-Encore(Can try to look for any other move you like/want)
Balls:Heavy ball-(Or i can try to get other balls/rare)

[Image: EMVBSWb.gif]
Ability:Healer-. (Hidden ability:Regenerator)
Moveset:Healing wish/Helping hand- Pound- Watersport)(can try to look for other moves(Like Em, if you like)
Ball:Divebal: ( can try to look for other balls(rare/)
Type:Water: other languages= Acqua/

[Image: OVmdnHZ.gif]
Sand Veil: Raises the Pokémon’s evasion during a sandstorm by one level.
Hidden ability:Rough Skin
Nature:can breed till i get the desired one
Moveset:Iron Head(em)-Sand Tomb-Body slam-Outrage(em)-Thrash(em)
Balls: Heavyball/ Beastball(Can try to look for others too if wanted)

For Who doesn 't know what ha or Em means= hidden ability+Eggmoves. (Rare in game_there are times when you need to breed multiple poke to get desired Em)
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.
Also have prank ster Sableye +3-4Em (eggmoves), if you want to i can also list more pokemon in rare balls like level ball/heavy etc(writing from phone)
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.

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