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[CLOSED] LITTLE CUP Shiny Torchic Giveaway [CLOSED]
@markyice94 Sent, enjoy Smile
Pokemon deposited: Oricorio (Fire/Flying)
Pokemon wanted: Torchic
Level of deposited: 34
Gender of deposited: Female
IGN: Bendik
Message: I want to fill my pokedex.
Ball: Great ball
Nickname: Adelante

Hopefully it won't get sniped! Thanks in advance Smile

deposit oricorio female lvl 10
pokemon wanted torchic
For future reference guys, remember you can reserve one
@bendikr @garagegeek21 you both got sniped
This is closed just while I'm shiny hunting, feel free to reserve a spot though guys
Can I reserve one and you let me know when you are ready? I horn sniped twice?
Back online, I was shiny hunting Finneon and went to 487 encounters and just failed by running Angry
(Aug 14, 2017, 02:40 AM)Anabel Wrote: HI HI GUYS IT'S ANABEL! HOW YOU ALL DOING!???

Ok so it's time to do an ACTUAL giveaway instead of the breedjects.

Here's the deets:

Torchic (Nickname: Kapu Moahi)
Level: 1
Impish Nature
- Flame Charge
- Swords Dance
- Baton Pass
- Protect
Item: Eviolite

These Torchics are ready for LC Battles all they need is to be Levelled up to Level 5.

I'm only accepting Oricorios so go to MeleMele Meadow and catch an Oricorio put it on the GTS and let me know the credentials.


You may reserve one per person.

11 Torchics remaining

I'll go and catch an Oricorio right now and put it on the gts. My IGN is Lucas. Pokemon deposited: a Male Oricorio Electric/Flying. Lvl 10.
@TheShinyMothim Alright, lemme know when it's up

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