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[CLOSED] LITTLE CUP Shiny Torchic Giveaway [CLOSED]
(Aug 16, 2017, 04:57 AM)Anabel Wrote: @TheShinyMothim Alright, lemme know when it's up

Right now Smile
@TheShinyMothim Sent, enjoy Smile
B a d C o p
Thaaaaankss Smile By the way, I was wondering if you heard anything from warrrty in the HA Outlet? Cause he said he'd breed a HA Burmy, but I haven't heard anything since. I'm basically impatient as **** to get one to start breeding for my shiny Mothim Smile
@TheShinyMothim I haven't spoken to him for a couple of days, I'm sure he'll be back on a little later today Smile
B a d C o p
IGN: Pokejack
Deposited: Oricorio/Lv. 55/Female/Quick Ball
Message: Please trade Pokémon with me.Thanks in advance.
@TimeTwist Sent, enjoy Smile
B a d C o p
IGN: Elena
Deposit: Oricorio pompom lvl 1 female
Message: Hi let's trade

thanks in advance
@iimlF4nT4Sy Sniped Sad
B a d C o p
Please PM me when you want your Pokemon
B a d C o p
@iimlF4nT4Sy You too, PM me when you'd like your Pokemon
B a d C o p

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