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Shiny BR Lake Guardians Trio
9 20.00%
Shiny BR Legendary Beasts Trio
18 40.00%
Shiny BR Swords of Justice
18 40.00%
Total 45 vote(s) 100%
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[CLOSED] Shiny BR Alolan Dex Trade Evolutions
Man you got like the best giveaways... :D think we could direct trade again? They are all so tempting... xD I've got my own Scizor and milotic plus I got politoed and gigalith from you last time but I love that you used championship sets that Nintendo once gaveaway
*  IGN:  Warrior.
*  Pokemon wanted:  Lv91+  Kingdra.
*  Deposited:  Lv32 Golbat M.(Witness)
*  Thankyou verry much in advance
@Dimmsdale - sent (completely missed you. Sorry about that!)
@Hippo of doom - sent
@Rincell a soret e stammappost. - sent
@Pokemastificate - sent
@Sun Juan - sent
@Arquero - sent

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?
Request #1
IGN: Ian
Deposited: Golbat (WITNESS) | Female | 56 | Repeatball
Request: A-Golem
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.

Thanks!  Smile
@element_x49 - sent

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?
@stephenWITNESS Thank you so much! Ill be back tomorrow!
pokemon wanted: porygon Z
pokemon deposited: WITNESS lvl 41male
thank you!!
Wow... so many pokemon to choose from.  Here is my first request Smile

IGN: Alonzo
Deposited: Golbat (Lvl 31 male) with name Witness
Desired: Politoed

Thanks a lot!!!
IGN: TheCaptain
Deposited: Level 53 Female
Pokemon wanted: Scizor
IGN: Madilyn
deposited: lvl 29 female GolbatRequested: Porygon-z
thank you very much!!

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