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[CLOSED] Shiny BR Alolan Dex Trade Evolutions
Alright I'm good to go
IGN: Serge
Pokemon: Golbat (female) 
level: 44
Pokemon wanted: Gengar
Pokemon deposited : Golbat / WITNESS, Lv57, male
IGN : Zach
Pokemon wanted : Magmortar 91+
Deposited: Golbat 42, Female
Wanted: Scizor

Thanks Smile
Hello again Smile

IGN: Mish Jagger
Deposited level 30, male
Requested Scizor @ Gold Bottle Cap 
thanks a lot, again... Smile
@Nayrbry - sniped (just deposit another and make another request)
@Tyro - sent
@Dean3897 - sent
@DarthStihl - sent
@Gottafillthedex12 - sent
@Dimmsdale - sent
@Arquero - sent
@Mish Jagger - sent

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?
Could I request a Porygon2? 
Deposited: WITNESS, 31, Male in a Dusk Ball. 
Message: "I want to fill my Pokedex." 
Thanks in advance!!!
Thanks for the ganger I want another one but I'm willing to wait
IGN: Serge 
Pokemon requested: Milotic
and I'm pretty sure my golbat was a level 32 female
Thanks Stephen.

Might I also request another?

IGN: Alonzo
Deposited: Witness (Lvl 31 male Golbat)
Requesting: Gengar

Thanks again!
Awesome giveaway, thanks in advance! Smile

IGN: Jakal
Wanted: Scizor
Deposited: Golbat/WITNESS,Lv56, male.
Wanted: Slowking
Deposited: Golbat (WITNESS) Lv.54 female
IGN: Conni
Thx Smile

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