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[CLOSED] Shiny VGC 2017 Weather Setters
IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited Witness Gender & Level : Male Lv. 27 in an Ultra Ball.
Message : Please trade Pokemon with me.  Thanks in advance.
Wanted : Politoed

Thanks again! :D
IGN: Naineezy
Deposited: Gumshoos(Witness) Lvl 34 Male
Request: Gigalith Lvl 100
Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance.

I hope the casing of the Gumshoos is ok... I'm just realizing yours is all caps while mine is Capitalized.
(Apr 10, 2017, 08:52 AM)stephenWITNESS Wrote:
Pokémon Wanted: Politoed
Deposited: gumshoos (WITNES) male lv.29
Pokémon wanted: Pelipper
IGN: EbizoUR

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