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[CLOSED] Single Shiny Ampharos Giveaway!
Hello Everyone!
I wanted to give back a little to this community, especially after how much they have helped me and given me so many awesome Pokemon. So from now on any time I get a shiny Pokemon that I already have one of when I do my Wonder Trading, I want to give it out to one of you. I know it is not a huge giveaway like a lot of the awesome people on this forum do, but I still want to give out something. Here is how to enter:
How to enter:
In order to enter this giveaway follow the format below:
Selected number (1-4):

What I am doing is having you select a number 1-4 to help separate the crowd a bit when I do the giveaway. When it is time for me to draw the winner, I will use a random selector to choose one of the four numbers. If your number is picked, I enter your name into the final selection. Then I use the random selector again to choose who gets the Pokemon. I hope this process makes sense, I just want to make it a bit easier on me to thin out the crowd.
How long do you have to enter:
You have until Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST
What do you win:
If you win you get a shiny level 100 Ampharos! It has six IVs.
How to claim your prize:
The winner will be announced publically sometime after the above entry period. If you see that you are the winner, fill out the info below so I can find you on the GTS.
Pokemon deposited: (Please make it a somewhat uncommon GTS Pokemon, so it is easier to find)

This Giveaway has been closed! Thanks for participating!
IGN: Athene5
Number: 3

Money cannot buy happiness, but somehow, it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz than a bicycle.

Previously Known as MistressGlaceon

uwu i can hacku
IGN: johan
Number: 3
IGN: Ymay
Number: 2
IGN Adrienne
Number: 4  <3
IGN: Cero
Number: 1
Feel free to post your favorite Pokémon FanArt here ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
Number: 1
Number: 1
IGN: Wundrweapon
Selected number (1-4): 2
You can find me on YouTube, Steam, and Twitter if you need to
Selected number (1-4): 3

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