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[CLOSED] Vinnie Features #8: Choice Scarf Mr. Mime
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Hey everyone! :D

Welcome to the eight edition of Vinnie Features.
''Vinnie features'' is a collection of Pokemon I had fun with, love using or (imo) great in competitive play. It's a concept I have been thinking of creating, since I recently started my journey in the competitive aspect of Pokemon.
I am in no means an expert in Pokemon battling and I'm doing it just for fun. I like experimenting with different pokemons, moves and teams (and losing horribly with them).

This weeks pokemon is horrible, one of my least favorite pokemon of all time. Please don't request it, you don't want it. Just look at it, acting all weird and stuff.
Mr Mime. Blegh.
[Image: 122.gif]
Mr. Mime @ Choice Scarf  
Ability: Filter  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature 
- Psyshock  
- Focus Blast  
- Energy Ball  
- Dazzling Gleam

The rules:

1. Only via GTS.
2. Deposit one of the following pokemon:

[Image: 256.gif]Combusken
[Image: 259.gif]Marshtomp
[Image: 268.gif]Cascoon
[Image: 267.gif]Beautifly
[Image: 282.gif]Gardevoir

3. Please request Lv 91+ only!
4. Type VinnieFeatures in the GTS messagebox.
5. In order to get a Mr. Mime please fill in the form below.

Pokemon Deposited:
GTS Message: VinnieFeatures

6. Wait for it..

The giveaway will close early this week, on Friday 11:00 (CET) due to Sun/Moon's release. Next giveaway will probably be Sun and Moon only, but not sure about that yet.
Pokemon Deposited: cascoon
Gender: female
Level: 10
IGN: kickass
GTS Message: VinnieFeatures

Thank you Smile
i have none of these.. so is a tynamo okay? i think so :D
Pokemon Deposited: Tynamo
Gender: Female
Level: 1
IGN: Lisa
GTS Message: VinnieFeatures
pokemon deposited: cascoon
level 6
ign Jeff

pokemon deposited: cascoon
level 6
ign Shadow

Pokemon Deposited: Cascoon
Gender: female
Level: 6
IGN: Sistina
GTS Message: VinnieFeatures
Sweet another cool giveaway

Pokemon in GTS: Combusken 
lvl: 19
GTS msg: Vinniefeatures

thx in advance
Hello hello !
You again ?
Yeah, me again  Blush

Thank you in advance ! :D
Quote:Pokemon Deposited: Cascoon
Gender: Male
Level: 20
GTS Message: VinnieFeatures
@BFS John08AC Enjoy!
@TheDancingRoserade Enjoy! Wait.. I did sent you one right? Was distracted :P
@Jspur Enjoy!
@FengShuWay Enjoy!
@whitedrake88 Enjoy!
@Space Sniped?
@Huntaari Haha glad you like the giveaways, enjoy!
Mr.Mime? Ugh who'd what one of those?

(jk, reserve one for me? :p)
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uwu i can hacku

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