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[DISCUSSION] All Our Favorite Eeveelutions!
I actually have to admit... I have never used an Eeveelution as far as I remember.

Eevee itself I guess though.
Thank you for mentioning my favorite Pokemon. Our relationship is safe...for now...

In all seriousness, Eevee is easily my top favorite Pokemon, and virtually all of its Eeveelutions are equally favored. First off, I like how Eevee's idea of evolution is actually more akin to true Darwinian evolution as opposed to metamorphosis, which in turn gives it the gimmick of having all these different variations that everyone can latch on to. I'm surprised that more Pokemon don't have this gimmick. 

Vaporeon used to be my all time favorite Eeveelution (aside from base Eevee), probably for its graceful look, but now I think Flareon is on top because it just looks so aloof, like some royal pet. Then we got Umbreon because it looks so cool, especially its shiny version. My least favorite, though, is Sylveon...I swear that thing looks TOO happy, like it's hiding some dark, sinister plan.

I can also appreciate the new Z Move they gave Eevee in Sun and Moon, in which it has all of its stats doubled and making it more viable in battle. That way I can actually use my favorite Pokemon in battle.

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