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[DISCUSSION] All Our Favorite Poison Pokémon!
I really like Gengar because I have a bias toward Ghost-types, fast specials, and megas.
Obviously Toxapex.  it may or may not have the best stats out of any posion pokemon but its abilities make up for it, and the moves it can learn and use, the regenerator ability that allows it to heal from damage when its pulled from combat is pretty good. but thats only the hidden ability. it being a poison type, the ability Mercilis, goes without saying, is a good one to have, as all moves become criticals if your opponent is poisoned. along with a held item that poisons foes upon impact and the use of protect, its suffice to say this pokemon can be a HUGE pain to deal with, unless you use it of course, or if you manage to get it with status effects. except for paralysis, due to its mainability which makes it immune to such...plus dat shiny doe
[Image: icon-toxapex.png]  Heart (this isnt actually the shiny but look it up its noice)
Hmm, i think dragalge or poipole become my favo pousobs
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